Monday, March 9, 2020

New year new projects 2020

Happy 2020.
Yes, it is March...but c'est la vie.
I have had problems with my crafting mojo.
So not a lot to show, yet.
I have not seen the Mandalorian yet, but who could resist the Child?
I made this one from a pattern on Ravelry called "Cute am I" and added some of my own embelishments. Soooo cute!

I just finished this guy...
Declan Fledermaus

I created him to become a Traveling Friend in the crochet group 
Friend's Crocheting Together and More....on Ravelry.
He will journey around the country, maybe overseas, and meet new friends, then return home to me!
He is crocheted and has needlefelting highlights.

                                                                    More to come!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Fair Wins 2019!!

Wow... has it been a year since I posted!
Well, life does get in the way!

So, for anyone interested, here are my Fair entries for this year!
              Starry Night felted Hat... Sweepstakes, Judge's Choice and 1st!
                 Tatted Hot Air Balloon (it is 14" tall!) Sweepstakes and 1st
                        Head Elf from Rudolph TV special...Sweepstakes and 1st
                                    Antique plate... Sweepstakes, Judge's choice and 1st
                                       Halloween Santa... 1st

                                                      Freezing Frank....1st
                                                     Cheshire Cat   1st
                                            Duncan Do Do-nut … 1st
                                                Infinity Gauntlets
                                     Mr. Batty  toy  1st
                                                          Dalek Dishtowel   2nd
                                                        Skull Shawl  2nd
        Cookie Monster coin purse 2nd (I added a little cookie charm to him which isn't shown here.
                                         Tatted Lily of the Valley necklace  2nd
                                           Recycled ..Halloween Candelabra   2nd
                                                   Baby Mermaid...2nd
                                                 Antique Lefton Reindeer   2nd
                                               Antique egg cup 3rd
                                              Antique Child's thimble  3rd

The rest of these items did not get a ribbon.
The Melo creature sculpture...(my FAVORITE ENTRY!) though the judge gave it high praise,I was told he supposedly wasn't eligible to win a ribbon because though the rules stated Any Medium and did not specify the item had to be a painting, they only wanted paintings.
So, I wish they hadn't even judged it, because now, I cannot enter it in the Fair again in any category.

                                                  Cranberry bowl
                                                    Antique toy whistle
                                                Antique photo
                                                           Cicada photo
                                                               Dragonfly photo ...update.. I found out by reading the comment card... this actually won a 1st place! They didn't put a ribbon on it or prize money.. so I didn't know!
                                                           Rebel photo

I also entered this painting, but do to a snafu.. it didn't get entered. I can enter it next year.

                                                  Halloween Starry Night...

Hope you enjoyed seeing my creations!!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fair results 2018....woohoo!

I went to check on my Fair results today. I went at the normal time, and by this, I mean the same time it has been for 18 years, and the building was not open! I waited a bit, then decided to leave, when I saw an old friend who also works at the Fair, and she told me they had changed the 2hours later! Ugh! Why did they not tell us? She also told me I was going to be very happy. (she had seen the results), I said, good, I had 22 entries, she said, OH, I was just talking about one! haha.
So, home again, then back two hours was so worth the wait.
The first item I saw of mine...had won the Sweepstakes ribbon! So, yes, happy right off the bat. But, there was so much more happiness to come! As I walked around, I was more and more surprised by my good fortune. So, here are all of the results!

Army the baby Armadillo(toy)…Judges choice +1st
Carver…drunken punkin(Seasonal)Sweepstakes +1st
Old Timey Santa (Xmas decor)…Sweeps + 1st
tatted peacock (creative embellished) Sweeps + 1st
Mini painting…turtle…Sweepstakes + 1st
bee dog…Sweeps+1st ..antique
 Misfit Santa (ornament)… 1st 

Jack Skellington (tat) ….1st

Sir Didymus (crafts)…1st 

 Nightshade Fairy  1 st
Gift in Jar-cactus garden…1st

fox purse…1st
Altoid tin-Monster book(recycled)…1st
Dobby potholder (household)….2nd 

Monster book cover (novelty)…2nd 

flamingo|peacock (recycle)  2nd
pig ashtray…2nd antique

 Parseltongue (hat)…..third

Jabberwocky necklace (jewelry)…3rd 

Prudential thimble…3rd 

elves needlebook…none 

plastic toy Santa flute…none 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Fair Entries....2018

Whew...this has been a busy time for me!
Just finished up all my entries for the local Fair, and went last night to enter them.
I always write out my entry forms before I go, I have the form in my computer, so as to make it quicker and easier to enter them all. The ladies taking the entries are very happy I do so!

Soooo... this year I have a whopping  22 entries! My most ever!
Here they are in no particular order...
And, I am only posting the things I actually made. I also entered 5 antiques.
Wish me luck! I will be back after 1pm Sunday to post how I did.
                                            Carver the drunken punkin
                                  Painted baby sea turtle (I added a pearl to the top after this pic was taken)
tatted peacock

       Monster Book of Monsters Bookcover
Jack Skellington 3D tatting
                                                              Misfit Santa from Rudolph
                                                            Baby Armadillo
                                                               Old Timey Santa
                                                                  House Elf hotpad
                                                          Nightshade Fairy
                                                                Fox purse

                                                       Tatted Necklace of Jabberwocky

                                                  pink flamingo recycled into Peacock
                                               Parseltongue (snake cables) hat
                                                         Sir Didymus art doll
                                                           Monster book of monsters Altoid tin
                                                                 Cactus garden in a jar

My 3 D Tatting