Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lace Day 2015 and Doctor Who

I have been working furiously on the Tardis doily. I have it about half finished. All the Tardi are finished.. now working on creating my own doily design for the center.
So many ends to hide... ugh...

 I just found out there is a contest at the Lace Day in Lafayette Indiana..(April 11!)
The theme is 'eggs'...
I have an idea which I think is cool.. We'll see if I can get it done, but I MUST finish the Tardis doily first. I must say, I love the idea I have for the Lace day.. hope I can get it done.
Can't tell you what it is.. it is a secret!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dia De Los Muertos Mask!

Here is the gift  I made for my swap partner, vavix over in the Ravelry group tinyowlknits.
I love this thing so much.. I have to make myself one!
It was difficult to get started, but after making one...I don't think it will be that difficult now.

                                    Here it is on her. Isn't she adorable!!
She graciously put on the makeup and added the flowers.  I love it!
Here it is on its own..

She liked orange and yellow and aqua as colors. It is hard to see the little aqua beads I put around the edge..
After tatting it, I stiffened it with mod podge and put it on a styrofoam head form to make the shape. I also added a ribbon (which isn't in the  photo) to tie it on with. 

Mine, when I make it, will have a bat where the big orange flower is.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Halloween swaps are all happenning!!!

I am currently in 3, yes 3, Halloween swaps. One is a mini swap (yeah right) and one is a 'fill a 10x13" envelope" and the other is a normal one.
 Whew.. so much crafting going on! I am finished with the mini, except for buying the 'treat". Here is one of the things I made her. The Sugar Skull is a pattern by Vicki Clarke.. I added the edgings and tatted chain design.
It has red Crystals in the eyes in case you can't see them.
I love this. I have to make me one, too. 
I also made her something... fantastic. I can't show it yet, in case she accidentally sees it, but as soon 
as she does, I'll post it. I LOVE IT so much, I HAVE to make me a similar one, too.
I also have a different necklace to make.. I'll show that later, too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tardis Doily

My Tardis doily inspired by one I saw on Etsy, is coming along. Here are my results so far.
One door completed

Three doors completed
More windows and panels!! 

Work in progress.
I am trying to keep account of how much time it takes me in actual tatting time. I tat while I watch TV in the evening, so I don't feel like I am sitting idly by doing nothing.
The windows and panels took about 12 hours. Putting together one door... about 2 hours. So, the doors will take me 18 hours. Of course, this didn't count hiding the ends. OH MAN.. do I have ends to hide!!!
I am using DMC size 8 thread... and my trusty pony shuttle.
I have plans on making the center look like the Seal of Rassilon, but that could be complicated, we shall see.
I am thinking perhaps Weeping Angels to go in between the Tardi..but that is a maybe too, for now.

Now that I have figured out the Tardis pattern, I am thinking it would be nice to use in other ways. Maybe one as a coaster, applique, several in a straight row for a long doily...many possibilities.

My 3 D Tatting