Wednesday, October 28, 2009

....................Halloween Exchange has arrived!!

Hail and wellmet everyone! I have received my Halloween Exchange items from Sherry Townsend today! And me being me.. I openned it of course! Check out these photos (Sherry took them)...
First you see the fantabulous pin Sherry made for me. Just look at all the little details, you know I love it, especially the little bat charm and button.  The wickedly neat black tatted flowers add a bit of spook to it. It is so Halloweeny, I am going to put it on my witch hat on Halloween!

And speaking of bats.. check out the purse she made me! Whoa! The outside is purple, and surrounding the purple is a really cool bat encrusted tule! I love how she made the fluff at the top with the tule. And, hmmm it is a drawstring bag, and when I openned it.. wow.. it had a bunch of Lizbeth threads in it. Oh, so many lovely colors, what am I going to make with it all? I don't know yet, but I will have fun thinking things up. And.. the purse is lined in this beautfully scary red bat fabric with lightning bolts on it. Very cool.  I am going to use the purse as my witch purse on Halloween also, to keep my witchy, twitchy, stitchy, itchy items in!
We will have to wait to see if Sherry likes what I sent her. Her being her, she will not open it until Halloween day, although she has had it for a while now. She is very strict about this, but dang her, I want to see if she likes it. Oh, Sherry, live dangerously! heehee
Thanks again Sherry!!!
Tomorrow or the next day, I will post some pictures of my Halloween decor around the house. Stay tuned...


Katie said...

I am pea green!! Fabulous! The bag is just so sweet with the purple & the bats on the tulle! The pin is a work of art!!

Gina said...

Looks like you're having great fun with this!

Ridgetatter said...

Your Halloween enthusiasm might win me over to the 'dark' side. LOL
Sherry is obviously very talented and creative ( just like you ) and a good friend with whom to exchange a mutual interest.
Halloween is bittersweet around here; no children come to the door up here on the ridge; no grand babies to drop by (although I've 'heard' I've another great grandchild ~ don't know gender or details; just that baby came!). When I was in my early 30's and we were in So Cal, I had a 2 story home and a cd from Disney's Haunted House. DH would answer the door and I was upstairs n the front window, dressed as a witch and cackling while the music played. Halcyon days. XX Bev

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