Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swappy goodness and more

Hello there. Yes, it has been a while. I have been busy doing swaps and getting ready for the local Fair. As a teaser to the swaps, and quite appropriate for this blog.. I made my Zoo swap partner this awesome notepad.
I bought the notepad, covered it with fabric  to hide the printing on it. Then I tatted this SO CUTE little koala and glued him on. Sweet! I had never tried this pattern before, though I have had it for YEARS!. It is one from Christel Weidemann's collections .. and so in German. I had a little problem with the head and ear section, but I 'made it work'.. the rest was a piece of German chocolate cake. haha.. Check out the other things I have made my swap partners on my other blog, dog-gone knit.
I love her patterns, now I guess I will have to make some more of them!
The Fair..I think I am ready. I am entering DolcĂ© in the 'tatting' section, DantĂ© in the free choice, and my Charlie in the box ornament in the Christmas ornaments. In other categories, a crocheted item in the Seasonal, Crocheted item in the toys, Knitted bag in the purse section, a fairy garden(made with all handcrafted from fimo flowers, fairy, mandrake.. etc, in the crafts,  and three photos.  I would have entered more photos, but they have a new rule this year that photos must be mounted on a  16x20" foam core board! Wow. I wasn't going to spend much $$$ to enter photos, plus have to lug the huge things everywhere.  
I have to go enter my items this Thurs or Fri...and then find out how they did on Sunday afternoon. Wish me luck!


Singtatter said...

Yes, Christel's animal patterns are so realistic. All the best for the fair, I'm sure you'll do very well!

Val said...

Beautiful critter on the notebook.

All the best for the Fair! Can't wait to see some pics of your items.

❦TattingChic said...

I am also looking forward to the rest of your swappy goodness! :) Looks like a fun swap so far! I have tons of patterns I've had for years that I haven't gotten around to! LOL! PLUS many I've acquired recently with getting to know so many designers through blogging! It's great...anyway...back to your swap...looking forward to updates! :)

battatter said...

Thanks for the well wishes ladies!
And TattingChic.. if you go to my right sidebar and click on dog-gone knit, you will see the rest.

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