Monday, November 14, 2011

Now what to make

I am just about finished with my last swap of the year on Ravelry, so, it is time to hunker down and make some Christmas gifts.
I have decided to make some decorative dishcloths for some, a hat (if I can figure out the pattern) for one, scarf for one, and... don't know what else yet.
Here is something I made my spoilee for the Dr. Seuss swap. Since I don't think any of my Rav friends ever look here, it should be safe to post.
I saw a figurine something like this either on ebay or etsy. Since the price was way too high to buy one for my spoilee, I made her, and myself, one.
What do you think?
The Grinch
He is about 8" tall. The original was just on a wooden base, but I added snow and snowballs to mine.


Jane S. said...

He's wonderful! Your spoilee is going to love old Grinchy Claus.

JB said...

Great job. He is amazing. What is he made of?

battatter said...

Thanks Jane, I hope so!

JB..He is made of celluclay. It is a papier mache to which you add water

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