Friday, December 30, 2011

Doctor Who love..

Have I mentioned I am a great Doctor Who fan! I love this show. I have watched it for over 25 years, yep, it has been on for nearly 50 years now! Wow. It is a British show and at first, in the 80's, we could only see it on PBS. Now, of course, there is BBC America.
In the last incarnation of the Doctor, we met the Face of Boe. A giant face... that had lived for centuries and was supposed to live forever. I thought this Doctor Who 'creature' was very unique.
While looking on Ravelry one day, I found a crocheted Face of Boe. Those of you on Rav can go see it, it is still there.
I was so excited, until I found I couldn't get a pattern because she was restricted from selling them...copywright infringements and all. But, hey, I thought if you made up a pattern, you could sell it. IDK. Anyway..sadly I just put it in my favs and there it stayed.
Recently though, the Face of Boe had been showing up in my minds eye.. alot. This means, at least to me, that I have to make it. (I have done my best work this way) So, off to my craft room to find yarn just the right color. Found. Crochet hook, found. Start to crochet. It was so weird, as I went along, I would stop and look at the photo, and think, 'how do I make a chin?'.. then I'd try something, and it would work. "How do I make lips?".. it would work.  I didn't have to tear out any of the stitches I made for the whole face. It was weird.  I really love how he turned out.

So, finally, I present...
                                                              The Face of Boe


Sally Kerson said...

That is so clever, and scary too!
I have known Dr. Who since I was a child, and hide behind a chair when it was on television all those years ago. Although I don't watch it now, but my husband is a great fan.
You did a marvelous job

Jane Eborall said...

You are totally amazing. Love it the face.

Neeneral said...

Love love love this! I've loved Doctor Who since I was a child too. Now my three children are as addicted as I am

Isdihara said...

My almost-five-year-old son really loves the Face of Boe you made! (And so do I.) My husband has been watching the original Doctor Who episodes on Netflix (the ones filmed in black and white). He particularly loves the movies with Peter Cushing.

Anyway! Magnificent job on Boe!

(Any chance I could convince you to make one for The Sprout?) I don't crochet, unfortunately.

Alexis Hollingsworth said...

My little brother is a huge fan of the show and he'd love one of these. How much would it cost me if i begged you to make another and sell it to me?

battatter said...

Wow, I don't even know if I could make another one that looked as much like him as this. I free handed it, and it was quite a long time ago..

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