Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fawkes.. sorry no pattern.

Sorry, ladies, but I just made him up as I went. But, you can see the center is a heart with basically just chains around and around. The 'feathers' are just graduated picots... turned and joined...over and over. Make 8 picots, lk, turn, make a picot(this is the tip of the feather), then join all the rest back to the beginning. Chain 2, make 4 picots, join last feather at half point, make 4 more picots, lk, turn, make a picot, join the rest back to the beginning. And so on..decreasing the amount of picots to make shorter feathers as you go to the tip of the wing.
The second row of feathers are the same, and after finishing one feather, join to one of the stitches between the feathers of the first row. Simple huh? Now you see why I didn't write out a pattern.

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