Sunday, July 8, 2012

Clinton Co. Fair.. winners!

I have returned triumphant!  I am so happy with the prizes I won.. let's see now, starting from the largest prizes ... we have...

    Cowboy who Rides and Ostrich Ornament (tatted)
He won the Sweepstakes, Judge's Choice and a blue ribbon! Wow!
Doctor Who mittens... Sweepstakes and Blue
Special awards... Grand prize IEHA card. (Indiana Extension Homemakers Assoc. for their 100th year anniversary)
 I knitted their logo, and a message, and attached it to a card. (I made the chart myself).

Pink Ladies New Baby card. A special thanks to Jane Eborall for the
stork pattern. I added a cap and bow tie to him.
Now for the blues.. I mean 1sts!
Star Trek Doily.. yay!

Tatted Spider on Web.
 (You can see here that the clown and the jelly gun didn't win. And you
can see what did win instead of them.)

Brain Bag..

Halloween Spider
Phoenix tatted necklace
Now for the 2nds..
Teddy Bear Christmas Tree
Harry Potter hand painted shoes
 and a Photo of a Wild Flower
Third place goes to Rebel.. as Mr. Spock.
Live Dog, and Prosper.

The non-winners included the Misfit Clown and mouse, and the Gun that Shoots Jelly, and two other photos. I also entered
the Hogwarts Express shawl, (knitted) and it took me more than half an hour to find it.... because it was underneath another entry! So, I don't know if it was even judged, let alone if I won anything.
As you can see.. I had a great day at the Fair!!!


Jane Eborall said...

Huge congratulations. Love the cowboy. What a 'toff' the stork looks with his hat on!!!! Great idea.
You certainly have brought tatting out of the 'doilies and hanky's' era.
You SO deserve your ribbons.

battatter said...

Thanks Jane!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Congratulations! You must be very excited!

Ridgewoman said...

Wow indeed! Good For You. I loved seeing everything. Thanks for sharing. ly bj

Lelia said...

Congratulations!!!! What awesome entries ; )

Kathy Niklewicz said...

CONGRATULATIONS! It is not at all surprising that you won all those ribbons, and I'm so glad that the judges recognize your amazing talent and your ability to tat incredible items! And you win with other crafts/needlework as well!

My only quibble would be with the Misfit Toys. Although I myself grew up with the famous Rudolph cartoon/film, it was only after reading your blog (when you showed the clown) and searched the net for Misfit Toys that I discovered there is a special collection of them, and that they have a 'following' of their own.

So I'm wondering if the judges don't realize what the 'Gun that Shoots Jelly' and the 'Clown with the Windup Mouse' really represent. I remember my mind was boggled that you cut the clown in half (and even that you tatted him!) Then you tatted that tiny mouse! Just amazing! Your incredible tatting skills and IMAGINATION seem to know no bounds!

The Fair visitors will be seeing tatting as they have never seen it before!

battatter said...

Kathy, I must say, I was a bit surprised they didn't win anything. Perhaps you are right about them not knowing what they were. And, OH, it was SO difficult to cut that clown in half! I was so very careful.. as I didn't want to have to tat him over again. Did you see the blue crocheted coaster next to it?.. that is what beat it out for second place. Ah well.. I am very pleased with all the other ribbons.. there is no way I can complain!

battatter said...

Thank you to Diane, Bj and Lelia!
I appreciate you so much for stopping by and sharing my joy!

Jane McLellan said...

Congratulations! So good to have your work acknowledged - mostly, anyway!

Isdihara said...

Bravo! Bravo! These are magnificent award-winning entries! (I look forward to seeing your fair entries every year!)

That world doily with the USS Enterprise is (as it should be) boldly going where no doily has gone before. LOL! I Love, Love, LOVE IT!

Entries such as these inspire sheer delight in all who see them. I am glad I am able to see them through your blog.

Congratulations again!

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Fox said...

Wow! That is all pretty amazing! Congrats!
Fox : ))

tattrldy said...

Congratulations on your wins at the fair! And just for showing all of your pieces - wow! As Jane said, you are showing the world (at least your corner of it) that tatting isn't just doilies and hankies. I would have given all of your entries blues (maybe I'm just a touch partial to tatting....)but they all are so wonderful :-)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

A big Congrats! Well deserved!

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