Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back to tatting

Ok, so, I have been doing a ton of Halloween swaps lately.  I'll show them on my knitting blog, but, I did recently finish (in 3 days or less) a new addition to my Haunted House. It is
                      Bunny Slipper Girl from the Walking Dead! 
Here she is in her new home.

The Walking Dead is my favorite show, and I wanted it represented in my Haunted house.  I really love her little teeny bunny slippers!

I also, in a fit of "OOOH I WANT THAT' bought Martha Ess'es new book, Flights of Fantasy! I cannot wait to start on the beautiful fantasy creatures in it!
I am also making some tatting for a swap partner for Christmas! I can't say what yet, but she will be really happy!

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