Monday, March 24, 2014

OOOWEEEOOOO... Doctor Who!

Ok, so, I have been doing a little tatting lately. Here is my latest project, THE TARDIS from Doctor Who!

Though she is not perfect... well, she never has been! She is 9" tall... made from rings, split rings, chains and block tatting over a cardboard frame. She is part of a scene/diorama I am making. I am currently working on the Doctor, and he is about half finished. There are 12 Doctors I could have chosen to do, but I chose number 4 to begin with, because he was my first,  he had
K-9 (which I am also going to make) and I thought it would be fun to tat 'the scarf"!  I will also do a villain, perhaps a Dalek in 3D?  We'll see. Stay tuned for more on this project.
ps... yes, I tatted the 1/2 inch letters too.

5 comments: said...

Your ability to turn stuff into tatted creations is amazing.
Your fairies are still my favorite. I can't wait to see what your dr. Who.

Jeff Hamilton said...

Awesome! Just awesome!

battatter said...

Thanks for the great compliments!!!

Grace Tyler said...

So cute! keep rocking the tat!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Fabulous! I feel like starting to watch the entire series again... Maybe this summer!

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