Friday, January 15, 2010

..................Christmas Challenge Week 3

Woo hoo! I got this one finished early. I designed this ball ornament cover, actually it is in two parts then strung together. It is on a 3" clear ball, DMC Christmas(#666, ironically) red, size 8. I will have to write down the pattern, but it is REALLY easy.
I think I will call it..."Picotriffic Christmas Ornament".
(pronounced pico-riffic)

ps... I have just finished the pattern. Anyone care to test tat it? Email me.. is a photo with beads..


Sunela said...

I love this ornament and I am willing to test tat. I will also send you an email.

tattrldy said...

Very nice! I would volunteer to test tat, but my plate it very full at the moment. As it's early, are you taking a week off from your challenge?

❦TattingChic said...

Very cool. Love the tatting on the clear ornament.
I already commented on your last post, but I forgot to say how cute that "Reindeer in a Row" pattern is! I do hope you share it sometime!

battatter said...

Sunela.. I have just emailed you the pattern! Let me know what you think.

tattrldy, well, no I actually did another of these with beads. But, I do need to do some knitting now..

TattingChic... Thanks! I used to have the Reindeers in a Row on one of the tatting groups pattern pages.. can't remember which one...

Ginny W said...

I would test tat it also i love ornaments>

Alba Alicia said...

Beautiful. I like your idea of starting christmas in January, so it will last all year long. Very good idea.

Why don t you show the picture and also the pattern at the same time, so if anybody wishes to try it anytime you would not have to send it to its mail? Well it is an idea, maybe a good one.

Thanks for sharing.
Alba Alicia

AKTATTER said...

Carol, do you have a pattern for tatted gloves?

Tatskool said...

Way to go on your challenge! Wonderful idea.I would love to test your design but don't know if I should be taking on something else to give me an excuse not to do the hard bits in TAT!

Traveling Square Dancers said...

I don't know when I'll have time to try the patterns, but would love to have them in my file, if you don't mind sharing that way.
:-) Yuma Tatter aka Anita

Anonymous said...
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