Saturday, January 2, 2010

....................Happy New Year... all my internet friends! 
Christmas is over, and it was great. I had lots of fun with family and friends.  Now, the new year has come and gone, and yes, we had corn, beef, cabbage and black eyed peas! Somehow, it was the best I had ever cooked! I spent the day doing things I liked, because, as the 'tale' goes, what you do on New Year's day, you will be able to do the rest of the year. Tatting, knitting, playing with Rebel, were the things I had to make sure I did! No laundry or cleaning. (well, not much anyway!)
I am in some exchanges on Ravelry, and I was doing some knitting for that. I did get one thing finished, and I hope it will fit my spoilee. It turned out pretty nice, but I can't show it until Feb. or so.
I am in the favorite book/author exchange, and have just signed up for the favorite holiday (of course, I chose Halloween!) and the Alice in Wonderland exchange. Each one ends at the end of two months, so I will have one for the first 3 months of this year.  I just love exchanges, and I get so involved as to what to make my spoilee, I usually forget that I will get something in return!  I am getting better doing my knitting, as I am actually giving some as a gift to my spoilee this time! I also have started my
 Bat Shawl , and so far, I have the bottom diamond point finished. This isn't very far at all, but, it doesn't have any mistakes yet, and that is a big accomplishment for me!
I have not made any resolutions, as I  know me, and I won't keep them anyway. I will try to post more to my blogs, this one and the knitting one, though. I only have 3 followers on the knitting blog, but here's hoping for more in the new year!
And here's hoping you all have a great new year!!!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Uh, oh! Looks like a sluggish year ahead for me... I spent the day being a chair potato... the couch isn't very comfortable! ; )

I'm glad to read that your knitting is going well. Mine's been sporadic at best! Happy New Year!

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