Sunday, November 14, 2010

tatting today

I had a headache all day, so I didn't do much except tat. I have had this little albino baby bat in my head for a few days.. just poking at my brain, so I thought I would tat her to get her out. She is going to be Bellaluna's baby, and albino, a whole lot smaller, 'cos she's a baby. I tried to make her face about 4 times before I got it the way I wanted it. It was hard to make it look cute, small and still like Bella. Her body was pretty easy. I am now working on her wings.This will take time, as I have to solid tat the fingers, then put in the webbing, like I did for Bella. I will post pics later.


Carol Lawecki said...

Sorry to hear you had a headache. Hope you are feeling better today! I get bad migraines, so I know how you feel.
An Albino baby bat will be so cute. We have a book at the library on albino animals. I think there is a bat in it. I'll have to look today when I go to work. All of the albino animals in the book are adorable.
Looking forward to seeing your creation!!

battatter said...

Thanks Carol. I am fine today. Migraines are the worst!
I love albino animals. I am making her with white thread, of course, and the beads I am going to use in her wings are crystal pink, white and clear. I have some little red buttons around here that will be perfect for her eyes.. if I can find them! I have so many button boxes!
Stay tuned!

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