Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lace Day!

Here is a little video I made of the fun I had at Lafayette Lacer's Lace Day yesterday. It is about 3minutes.  I will add more details later... until then..Enjoy!
Ok, as promised, more about Lace Day!
When I arrived,  it was gloomy and raining.  But I walked in the doors, and was met by two very bright smiles.. LaceLovinLibrarian and her friend LaceRN! They came from Illinois for the day and had brought things for the raffles... and gifts! LLLibrarian let me choose a shuttle from her pile of blinged out shuttles. It was a difficult choice but I finally settled on this one. Pretty,  glittery one with Lilies of the valley. Thank you, Diane!
  I had taken my tatted bat family and my Haunted house...and was immediately deluged with compliments!  Such a proud momma am I!
I went to put them on the show and tell table. Well! wow! There were so many beautiful things there already! Excellent!
A little later on...who sneaks up behind me?
Laura Bobay from Columbia City! We meet here everytime to spend this great day together. She brought me this super cool Maranka gourd! hmmm what will I make this into?
I saw old friends, like Tatting Goddess, and Mary Harris, and made some new ones, like Connie, Kelly and Mindy. You can see them in the video, well, except for Tatting Goddess. I don't know how I missed getting her photo, but I did get photos of her tatting! The rocks were a hoot!

Then, there were the raffles! Oh, I love the raffles! I bought $20 (30tickets) worth
of tickets. And, silly me, forgot to use 10 of them!
But.. I won!
Here is the first (yes, I said first, as I had a really lucky day), one I won.
I really really wanted to win this one for several reasons. One, it had a shuttle bling box from LacelovinLibrarian, it also had this awesome embroidered tatting bag, and a Peter Cua etched shuttle! The wow factor of this one was incredible.  When they called my name.. I was ecstatic!
This first raffle prize was more than enough for the price of the tickets! But wait, there was more.
Then I won the stack of magazines in the first picture. With this lovely dog pattern in one of them. I will have to make one of these.
Then there was shopping, chatting, laughing, lunch (yummy strombolli at the Pizza Hut), more shopping and fun.. then, more raffles.
 I won this. Beautiful quilted bag full of magazines and patterns! Did I mention, I love magazines?
The last raffle was a different one. You were supposed to guess how many spools of thread were in the large tub, and write it on the ticket and put it in the raffle container.
They said two people were the closest.. they called a name.. no one came to claim it. As it was pretty much the end of the day, many people had gone home.  So, the next closest person got it.. me!
Wow, am I lucky or what? Really, not usually, in any other circumstance, but today was my lucky day!
There are all types of great threads in there... Carolyn Regnier told me I had to make something great with them.. I will!
Here is a panorama I made of the rec room as I call it. It is where the refreshments and raffles were held.  By the way, I still want the lemon cookie recipe.. I am craving them NOW!
Can you name these people.. I am sure you can some of them, at least. Sorry, though. The lady on the right sort of got 'ghosted' when the panorama program got finished!
I had such a great day...
Happy Anniversary Lafayette Lacers!!
Here's to another 30... and more


Suztats said...

Looks like a wonderful time! sigh.

Gina said...

Oh well hey! You got even more than I did! What a great show. And how did I miss that quilt? Who had it and they must have brought it out when I left for lunch! I'll pass this link on to the lace group. Like me, many were busy and missed something.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Great pictures! I had so much fun... I still can't stop thinking about all the wonderful things I saw and people I met!

battatter said...

haha Gina! They put it out after the raffles were over. It was made by Donna McDade. She told me of all the ribbons and awards she won with it. Very well deserved! She even had my skeleton on the October block!

battatter said...

Diane, .. I KNOW right? Such a great time!
I think this was the best one yet. Thank you again for the shuttle!

Lelia said...

Yes, you were the lucky one with the raffle and contest! enjoy the fibers + cannot wait to see what you create with them.

if you were interested, Carolyn was at the tatting workshop + said there were shuttles and bobbins left over. Not a lot of them, but she has a few more to sell.

Carolyn's last name escapes me, she handed out the name tags.

I forgot to take photos of the lace on display, delighted to view your video and photos. Gina + Diane's pictures/posts, too. You are all better at describing things than I am.

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