Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HAIER air conditioners are crap

Just to let everyone know, as a service to my friends.
If you are considering buying a Haier Air conditioner (I got mine at Walmart) DON'T. I had mine less than one year (which was actually about 4 months of use) and it stopped cooling. Walmart only has a TWO WEEK return policy, and the Haier company said I would need a repair man. Ok, anyone need a junk air conditioner?


Ridgewoman said...

I’m frustrated on your behalf. It would seem since it’s been less than a year that the Company would have stood behind their product.
I’ve learned to expect no help from Wally World at all; all they are interested in is getting the dollars...
I’m sorry you have to deal with this stuff...seems like is made of more junk than jewels. :>)
Thinking of you....bj

Anonymous said...

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battatter said...

Thanks BJ.. yeah, WM is the only store in town so..unfortunately..I have to shop there.

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