Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tatting Project and more

Here is the "motif connecting" project so far. I work on it in the evenings, a little at a time. Anyway, I like how it is going.  I am enjoying going thru the older motifs I have designed.  When I run out of my own Halloween designs, I am going to use some I have received as gifts over the years. And, hey, if you have any sitting around you don't want/need/know what to do with, I would be glad to have them!  It is going to need a little blocking when I am finished, but, no biggie. I am thinking of making it a long rectangle, as opposed to a circle. I would get more use from a rectangled piece of tatting. Shawl, table runner, couch back drape...etc.
And, I got my new license plate! Yeah! I have decided this will be my early birthday present to myself from now on, as long as I have enough money, that is.
I wish they would let you put more letters on it, but, alas, this is all I could get. That's ok, you can still sound it out correctly! I haven't decided what to do with last year's plate. I will definately keep it, but I think some sort of project with it may be needed.


JB said...

Looks good--it's going to be fun watching the progress. Cool tag.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Such an appropriate license plate for the bat tatter. I look forward to seeing how this tatting project progresses.

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