Monday, April 22, 2013

Look what the mailma'am brought!

As you may recall, I tatted a Grandfather Clock for Diane C..aka LaceLovinLibrarian. I just wanted to give her something I tatted, as I knew she would appreciate it. Well, today in the mail, she sent me a thank you gift. WHAT?? I really was not expecting anything in return! And what did she send me, you ask?. Looky!
I had admired (and tried to win) one of these Origami project bags at the recent Lace day. I did not win one, but Diane did.  She sent me this awesome bag,  a lovely card, and a shuttle she blinged out especially for me!
The bag is so clever, with little pockets on the outside, and look closer at the lining fabric..
...the fabric has tatted doilies printed on it! Isn't that awesome! I love this fabric!
And now for the cool...
I couldn't get a great picture to show how very cool this is, but it is totally glittery, with pretty blue stones and a glittery big "C" on it for my name! I love it!
Thanks so much Diane! I will treasure them!
And, as a side note, I am making nice progress on my 3D project. I had to redo a window, oh, is that a hint?, but everything is on track again. Looking good!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm so glad you like them! The print on the inside of your bag is the same as the print on the outside of the bag I won. I purposely put the doily print on the inside so that it would be a surprise when the flap was lifted.

Are you following the yellow brick road? Will we see striped stockings and curled toes? I can hardly wait to see what you have in the works!

battatter said...

haha! It was a surprise when I openned the flap! I did find that fabric, now to figure out something "I" can make with it. (I suck at sewing)
Anyway.. um.. we will have to wait and see what I am making. I had to do part of it over, but it looks good now. Slowly....slowly... coming along.

Lelia said...

Wanted to say how creative and WONDERFUL your clock is! Diane had it with her at tollway tatters and I marvel at your talent. Keep on doing what you do - your tatting rocks!!!!

P.S.. If you are ever in the neighborhood, when the Tollway Tatters gather, don't hesitate to join in

battatter said...

Aw.. thanks Lelia! I love it when people like my 'odd' tatting!
And I will certainly visit if I am ever in the area!

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