Thursday, May 23, 2013

Its getting to be that time again..FAIR TIME!

To be clear, the County Fair isn't until July, but, this year, I am not waiting until the last minute to get ready!
I am going to enter my Chinese Dragon shawl (seen on my knitting/crochet blog) but, oh my, I don't have much tatting! THERE MUST BE TATTING IN THE FAIR!
Ok, whew, I am ok now.  The reason I don't have much tatting is that I have been doing a lot of swaps this year, and giving away stuff. And now that it is warm out, I have been doing outdoorsy things, too. The 'big' 3D project will most likely not be finished in time, so I am turning my time turner to these projects.
I have an ornament I tatted, a variation on Ginny Weather's spider on the ball ornament, and I am almost finished with another addition to my "Misfit Toys". Technically, it is not a toy, it is Rudolph, but misfit he is. I just have to finish a leg, and then I can show you. (spoiler.. he is SO cute!)
There is also a card making category. I have entered in the past and won a couple of times. I can either make a get well card or a new baby card. Watch here to see which I make!
I am planning on making a necklace of some sort, but it is still in the recesses of my brain. I don't know if I will make anything else tatted, we shall see. I do want to knit a pair of mittens to enter in the knitting category, so we'll see how the time table works out. And photos. I always enter photos.
I had better get busy! Only 9 weeks to go!
Ok.. I just got Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer finished. He's about 4" tall. cute huh?


Ladytats said...

Rudolph is cute.
good luck on your fair projects, you always do so well.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Rudolph is adorable! I always enjoy seeing your 3D pieces. What will you enter in the fair? I can hardly wait for the big reveal!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Amazing and adorable! Totally unique, as are all your pieces! They must be wondering at the Fair what you'll come up with every year!

battatter said...

Thanks, ladies!!
More about my fair entries later.
and Kathy.. I do get some odd looks sometimes!

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