Friday, July 12, 2013

Fair 2013... keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have entered the Fair! I took my 15 entries, (11 crafted, 4 antiques) to the local 4H Fair and put them in the open class competition. I was welcomed by the sweet Knit and Crochet "monitor'. She is always glad to see me, 'cos I always have all the paper work, with the categories, departments and classes filled out before I go. This saves me, and her, a TON of time checking in. I did get a few odd looks for some of my entries.  Well, I did enter a zombie, a giant head, a robot purse... among other things.
It will be interesting to see if I win anything on the 'odd' entries. Will they see the workmanship.. or just the oddness? I will have to wait until Sunday afternoon to see how they did.
I did get a very nice compliment on the baby card I entered. It was to be a "new baby" card. A friend of mine is going to have twins in a few months, so I actually designed the card with her in mind. A boy and a girl... twins. I used Jane Eborall's (thanks Jane!) baby carriage pattern. I made a pink one and a blue one, and some little free hand butterflies. I made up a little phrase to go on it, also.
It turned out very cute, and the lady at the fair seemed to really like it! Another item I entered that got some oohs, was one of the antiques I entered. It is a bank that is a little rocket that shoots coins into a moon. That lady's eyes sort of bugged out when she saw it. I hope that is good news for me! haha.
So, I shall post more when I find out Sunday.


Maureen said...

Did you enter the little zombie girl?

Jane McLellan said...

Fingers crossed!

battatter said...

Yes Maureen. I entered Bunny, as we call her for short of Bunny Slipper Girl, in the Toys and Novelties section of Knit and Crochet. Wish her luck!

battatter said...

thanks Jane!

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