Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tatted Hummingbird necklace for the Fair

I made this little hummingbird and bleeding heart necklace. I am going to put it into the "Tatting" category in the fair.

 I was going to put something else in that category, and put the necklace in the jewelry category, but I just finished a beaded necklace, so, I am switching things around. It is only 1 week until things have to go to the fair! I need to print out some stuff an get it all ready to go.
By the way.. here is the beaded one. I am doing a Doctor Who swap on Ravelry, and got inspired to do a Dalek necklace. It is all hand beaded...not made on a loom. 


Corina said...

Lovely hummingbird

IsDihara said...

Both items are GORGEOUS, the later one in a deadly sort of way...(hee, hee) "You would make a good DALEK!"

battatter said...

thanks Corina!

and IsDihaha.. haha Thanks. Actually, I can do a pretty good Dalek voice already!

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