Monday, November 18, 2013

New ornaments for my tree

Hello fellow tatters! I just made this oh-so-simple ornament for my tree. I didn't look up anywhere to see if I used the correct colors,  but I like it anyway! It is
Tatted Ribbon candy!
I think I will make more of these, they are so easy.'
I just block tatted two rows of green about 6" long, then block tatted two rows of red, then two rows of green again. Stiffened it, really stiff, bent it in the appropriate shape, and then ran a little thread thru the middle to hold it in place and use as a hanger. 
You could make all colors, or make it longer  or wider! Your choice!  As an extra fun thing, you could add some peppermint scent to it!

And, though it isn't tatted, what is a Christmas tree without a little knitting bat!
She is needle felted, has a pink batty nose, two little knitting needles and her yarn!
Now, tatters, don't get upset, I already have a tatting bat I made a couple of years ago, so I made the knitting one for this year.
I also started working on a new additon to my Misfit toys collection. But, you will have to wait to see who it is! It may take a bit, so be patient.


Mad Tatter said...

I like your ribbon candy tat and your knitting bat too.
When you say you "block tat" do you mean you just make a chain with picots and attach the next row to it? I would like to try this, but I don't know for sure what it means to block tat.

AKTATTER said...

I just adore this!

battatter said...

Sorry, my 'puter was acting up and I couldn't comment.
I usually chain 3, make a super small picot, chain 3 ..continue for about 6 or 7". Turn and chain 3, join the picot.. continue.
Change colors as you like.

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