Friday, November 13, 2009

.................Ravelry exchange, what I made

Hi everyone,
Well, I can finally show what I made for my Ravelry exchange. It was "Favorite Animal" and my partner liked Tree Frogs! Well, since I am not experienced enough to knit her one, I thought I would try to crochet her one. I planned on tatting one too, but, I thought a tatted one would be too small, as the price limit and such was higher than most exchanges I have been it. So, I went to crocheting one. Now, I only know how to single crochet. That is all I could ever remember from what my sister tried to teach me. So, I just started crocheting, and oddly enough, with all the 3D tatting I do, it was pretty easy to make this GIANT tree frog! He is about 2ft long, and boy, it was hard to give him up!

Then, I made this little 3D tatted frog, and put magnets in him, so he could be put on the fridge, or hold her stitch markers, as he is doing in the photo.  I love the big eyes!  I really enjoyed the exchange, and am going to join in more next year! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.....................oh scary!

Halloween has come and gone, but I just got my pictures back, so I am posting them. I had my sister take some photos of my costume with Rebel.(an annual thing). I am wearing a blouse I got from Holyclothing, it has bat like pointed sleeves and around the bottom, and lots of embroidery. The hat was from the Halloween store, I think it was $4, very cheap and with bats! I put Sherry's pin on the hat, which looked very neat. I am wearing a necklace I tatted with a little bat hanging from it, my tatted gloves, and of course, tatted bat mask. Rebel wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween this year, and I painted around his eyes and made little extra teeth beside his mouth. 

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

My 3 D Tatting