Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter shoes... DONE!

Ok.. I have to stop! I keep wanting to put more on..but.. I ...must... stop.
Here is the finished product. I love 'em and can't wait to wear them!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ta Dah! Fair Entries 2011!!

I just got back from the fair, and oh, I am a happy girl!
I was hoping on the way out there..if I could just get one sweepstakes I would be so happy. (I know, that is alot to hope, but I can hope, can't I?)
I got there, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?
Oh, my sweet Dolcé had won Sweepstakes, Judges Choice AND a blue ribbon! Wow! She is a chip off the old block, as that is exactly what her mother, Bellaluna, won last year! So proud. Then I looked and baby brother Danté had won 1st prize! Yeah. Well, that is the highest he could possibly win, as they were in the same 'class' category.
I then started looking for my Gryffindory Owl purse. So named because it is Gryffindor colors from Harry Potter, and knitted with many owls. It was the first knitting I have ever entered into the fair. I was hoping for any ribbon, of course. But, when I saw it, I was flabbergasted! It had won Sweepstakes and a blue ribbon!  It was all I could do not to jump up and down by this point. Whew~
I also saw the little crocheted Halloween Cat I had entered had won a red ribbon. I am so happy with that, as the first prize in that category when to the cutest crocheted peas in a pod amigurumi.
On to my Halloween bat.. where was he?.. oh, he is over there sitting on a shelf... with a 3rd place ribbon. Nice.  There were a lot of nice 'other season' entries, and he is very lucky to win.
Oh, where is my tatted Charlie in the box ornament?.. oh, my.. oh my.. he is there, with a what?
Sweepstakes and blue ribbon! Wow again. It strikes me as amazing that such a little ornament can win sweepstakes.
Now on to my photographs. You must know, it has been really hard for me to win in this Department. Seems the same people win.. alot. I got to looking. Oh, my little dragonfly not only didn't win, he was displayed sideways! ...umm ok.
Then I found my digitally enhanced photo of Rebel... oooh 3rd! I thought he might do better, as he is made up of hundreds of tiny photos of himself, but, he at least got a ribbon. Then to find the one I really wanted to win. It is a photo of a drop of water hanging off of a calla lily. In the drop of water you can see Rebel in the reflection. I reallllly love this picture. I finally found it, with a 1st place ribbon. YES! I was very very happy it won. Funny, when I was looking at it, a lady and her husband came up and she was admiring it out loud. I said.. thank you. She turned and said, you took that? Yep, I said. See the reflection of my dog? Her husband said, yeah, it does look like a dog. I said, it IS,  and explained how it was done. THEN, he was really loving in. He just kept staring at it. Made me feel good.  I am so so happy with my fair wins. Thanks to everyone who encourage me and keep me going!
Also, a big congrats to my friend, Molly, who also won a 2nd place and third place in Photography!

Harry Potter shoes coming along

I started painting last evening, and so far so good!
Thanks for the comments! I did have many, not all, of the ideas listed. The hard part was 'seeing' where things should go.
The plan is, icons from each movie...4 movies on each shoe. Last night I finished side one of one shoe and began side one of the other. (We must have paint drying time)  I love the way the HP logo came out. It is on the back of one of the shoes. The Dumbledore's Army logo is on the back of the other.
I will work on them today, too, and update you with my Fair results when I get them later this afternoon.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Harry Potter shoes

Ok, since I can't take my HP owl purse with me to the movie, I have decided to paint myself some HP shoes.(like the Doctor Who shoes in a previous post).
 But what to put on them? I have several things in mind, but, what are YOUR favorite icons from the films. I am thinking/hoping to put one item from each movie. Let's hear it..

The Fair is here again!

I went to enter 11 items for the fair last night. There is an entry sheet you must fill out for each department and then the tags for each item.  A couple of years ago, I took the entry sheet I had used, brought it home, scanned it, and digitally erased all the previous info on it. So now, when I go to the fair, I already have my entry sheets filled out.. so all I have to do is the tags. The fair coordinators are always so happy when I do this. I wish someone would get the idea to have them available for everyone to fill out. Maybe next year I will post a pdf of it. It may help out some people. Anyway.....
Danté (Free Choice)
Here are some photos of what I entered. Of course, I forgot to take photos of the new stands for my Dolcé and Danté bats. Oh well, I'll show them later. One lady asked if it was tatted. I said yes, She said, even the little 'veins' (as she called the fingers in the wings). I said yes. She said I have never seen that stitch, I thought it was crocheted. I explained it was tatted, and that I was the only person I know of that does it. She looked at me oddly. Sometimes I don't know how to take that odd look. haha.
Also, there was another girl there. She asked me if I could have the pattern. I explained, I don't have a pattern, I just make it up as I go. She said, "then I will be taking lots and lots of photos"!  I laughed and said no problem. She had made an adorable crocheted three peas in a pod amigurumi. Oh, now my poor kitty or Danté won't win. It was really well done and very cute.
This little Halloween bat also has a candycorn bowtie.He is entered in the Seasonal(not Christmas) category.
Halloween Kitty (Toy)
Gryffindor owl bag. It pains me to enter it into the fair, but it was the only really good knitted item I made all year. I really wanted to take it to the HP movie when I went, but I am going Friday, and can't pick up the bag until Saturday. waaaa.
Charlie in the box Christmas ornament.
Fairy Garden. This isn't mine, this is one I made for someone else. Mine is much larger, and has all of this and a peacock, fairy garden gate door, and more in it.
I also entered three photos. I would have entered more,  but they changed the rules this year and everything had to be mounted on 16x20 foam core board. Too pricey to enter too many if  you have to buy all the foam core.
I also entered in the recycle category a tote I made from a birdseed bag. They are quite pretty, because the bags usually have lovely birds on them. And, they are sturdy, because they are meant to hold so many pounds of birdseed. The fair coordinators didn't seemed to thrilled with it, so I probably won't win anything, but I do love them for grocery totes, project bags, or just a place to throw junk when you are cleaning.
Ok, that is 11.  I will go Sunday afternoon to see if I won anything.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swappy goodness and more

Hello there. Yes, it has been a while. I have been busy doing swaps and getting ready for the local Fair. As a teaser to the swaps, and quite appropriate for this blog.. I made my Zoo swap partner this awesome notepad.
I bought the notepad, covered it with fabric  to hide the printing on it. Then I tatted this SO CUTE little koala and glued him on. Sweet! I had never tried this pattern before, though I have had it for YEARS!. It is one from Christel Weidemann's collections .. and so in German. I had a little problem with the head and ear section, but I 'made it work'.. the rest was a piece of German chocolate cake. haha.. Check out the other things I have made my swap partners on my other blog, dog-gone knit.
I love her patterns, now I guess I will have to make some more of them!
The Fair..I think I am ready. I am entering Dolcé in the 'tatting' section, Danté in the free choice, and my Charlie in the box ornament in the Christmas ornaments. In other categories, a crocheted item in the Seasonal, Crocheted item in the toys, Knitted bag in the purse section, a fairy garden(made with all handcrafted from fimo flowers, fairy, mandrake.. etc, in the crafts,  and three photos.  I would have entered more photos, but they have a new rule this year that photos must be mounted on a  16x20" foam core board! Wow. I wasn't going to spend much $$$ to enter photos, plus have to lug the huge things everywhere.  
I have to go enter my items this Thurs or Fri...and then find out how they did on Sunday afternoon. Wish me luck!

My 3 D Tatting