Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tatting Project and more

Here is the "motif connecting" project so far. I work on it in the evenings, a little at a time. Anyway, I like how it is going.  I am enjoying going thru the older motifs I have designed.  When I run out of my own Halloween designs, I am going to use some I have received as gifts over the years. And, hey, if you have any sitting around you don't want/need/know what to do with, I would be glad to have them!  It is going to need a little blocking when I am finished, but, no biggie. I am thinking of making it a long rectangle, as opposed to a circle. I would get more use from a rectangled piece of tatting. Shawl, table runner, couch back drape...etc.
And, I got my new license plate! Yeah! I have decided this will be my early birthday present to myself from now on, as long as I have enough money, that is.
I wish they would let you put more letters on it, but, alas, this is all I could get. That's ok, you can still sound it out correctly! I haven't decided what to do with last year's plate. I will definately keep it, but I think some sort of project with it may be needed.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Avatar in the house!

Last summer I painted my bedroom what I call Avatar(the movie) blue. It is a fairly dark aqua or teal. Well, I had planned on adding some Avatar touches to the room, but never got around to it.... until today!  Here is what I will wake up to every morning now...
One of the giant flowers from the movie! It is 4x4-1/2 feet! I really love it! I am planning on painting some eywa here and there, and maybe some other plants and creatures. This took me about three hours, including lunch.
What do you think?
oh, and sorry, I have to moderate comments now 'cos I was getting spammed by another blogger with cigarette ads!

Another project.. FO Shawl

I was cleaning up my tatting dresser, which has my folders of tatting patterns on top. I took one down, and looked thru it. Now, I have designed a bunch of patterns, mostly Halloween and Christmas themed, and when I design one, I always keep one or two of the actual tatted pieces in the folders. I have the plastic whole page sleeves in the folders to hold both the pattern and the tatted pieces. Anyway, I was looking at all the tatting, and thinking what a waste it was just having them sit in this folder. Some have been there for many years. So, I have decided to tat them all together, into a shawl/table runner. I like how Sherry T did her centerpiece years ago,
(see ) connecting all the tatting with the mignonette stitch, so that is what I am doing with my designs. Since it has started with my very first pattern, 'Amich's Tatted Bat" and will continue with Halloween designs, I have decided to use DMC 554 as the mignonette color instead of white like Sherry did. I think the very light lavender color will go well with the tatting, plus, I don't ever wear white, so if I want to wear this as a shawl when I am finished, the purple will be better for me to wear. I am not tacking every motif down to fabric, I am just tatting on the go. Cross your fingers for me that it all turns out ok. haha..
I will show photos now and then of my progress. But, this will be an on again-off again project, so don't look for it to be finished soon. When I run out of my own Halloween motifs, I will add some I have gotten in swaps. When I run out of those, I will add other motifs I have, and other motifs I have received.  Wish me luck!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Misfit toys... Windup Mouse in a Clown

Here is a new one! I made the mouse first, as he had to be really little and then look like he could fit inside the clown. I tatted the clown, stiffened him, alot!, then, blasphemy..cut him in half! Let me tell you, it was difficult, both mentally and physically!  Well, it had to be done. I am thinking of painting the inside black, to match the one in the show. Don't know yet. I really love how cute the clown came out.  Here is a photo of the original. Oops, I just noticed I forgot his white fluff ball on his hat. I will make that today.
Next, I think I will make a toy no one ever remembers. There was a little dark blue teddy bear... with white tail feathers. He is very cute, but didn't have a 'speaking' part. Yep, he will be next.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Misfit toy...Spotted Elephant

The newest member of my Misfit toy collection.. Spotted Elephant.
I had made one before, using beads for the spots, but it looked creepy to me.
I did this one using tatted rings as spots.. much better.
He looks pinker in the photo than in real life.
I may make the little bellboy hat (below) for him. I think it is cute. I'd really like to
make the little mouse in the clown, but can't figure how I would make the clown.. tat it and cut it in half?

My 3 D Tatting