Friday, December 30, 2011

Doctor Who love..

Have I mentioned I am a great Doctor Who fan! I love this show. I have watched it for over 25 years, yep, it has been on for nearly 50 years now! Wow. It is a British show and at first, in the 80's, we could only see it on PBS. Now, of course, there is BBC America.
In the last incarnation of the Doctor, we met the Face of Boe. A giant face... that had lived for centuries and was supposed to live forever. I thought this Doctor Who 'creature' was very unique.
While looking on Ravelry one day, I found a crocheted Face of Boe. Those of you on Rav can go see it, it is still there.
I was so excited, until I found I couldn't get a pattern because she was restricted from selling them...copywright infringements and all. But, hey, I thought if you made up a pattern, you could sell it. IDK. Anyway..sadly I just put it in my favs and there it stayed.
Recently though, the Face of Boe had been showing up in my minds eye.. alot. This means, at least to me, that I have to make it. (I have done my best work this way) So, off to my craft room to find yarn just the right color. Found. Crochet hook, found. Start to crochet. It was so weird, as I went along, I would stop and look at the photo, and think, 'how do I make a chin?'.. then I'd try something, and it would work. "How do I make lips?".. it would work.  I didn't have to tear out any of the stitches I made for the whole face. It was weird.  I really love how he turned out.

So, finally, I present...
                                                              The Face of Boe

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's a Leprechaun Christmas!!

Hello and Merry Christmas all. Hope you had a great holiday. Little Feargal and my boys did!
Guess what? Santa came and brought them all presents! Woo hoo!
See the little boxes in the front? Oh the lads were excited!
And what did Feargal receive???? Can you guess?
Why, his own little bat! I guess Santa wanted him to remember his time
here with battatter!
And what did the other lads receive?

Since the name Rori means Red King.. he received a Red Crown!
And what of Conor... he 'hound lover'?
Why, he received his very own pup!
As you can see the lads had a very nice Christmas!
They sang songs and ate to much, and had a grand old time.
Santa was very good to them all. And he knew them so well, hmmm.
Could it be??????

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas surprise visitor

Happy Christmas Eve, all! My Christmas surprise visitor is none other than the world traveller, Feargal!
He has come to stay with Conor, Rori, Rebel, and me, for the holidays!  Here he is whispering to Rebel what he wants for Christmas. He must have thought Rebel was an elf! But, Rebel will make sure Feargal gets his Christmas wish just the same! Make sure to check out the  A Leprechaun's Life page to see his adventures!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New addition to Misfit Toy collection

Here he is..
the Gun that shoots Jelly!
Poor sad little Gun..but hey, I would love a gun that shoots jelly. Especially raspberry jelly! Yum!

I will have a surprise to post in a day or so.. so... stay tuned!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Anyone else's blogger messed up?

First it says I am logged in, then it won't let me post to other blogs. Won't accept my login thru Google.. what's up!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree...

I finished decorating my Tatting Tree! Lots of my designs, lots of gifts from friends, I love this tree!

Oh, I just added this..the shuttle I won at Lafayette Lacers! I can't believe I never thought to hang shuttles on my tree! I have a bunch of pretty ones, too!

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!!

My 3 D Tatting