Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Addition...Candy Reindeer

This year's new addition to my big Tatted Gingerbread house is...
Candy Reindeer!
 He is made from tatted versions of the following..
Head-Chocolate covered Cherry
Antlers-Candy canes
Ears- Non pareils
Body-Chocolate Nuggat with icing decor
tail- Chocolate Chip
Legs-Good and Plenty(s)
Hooves-half M&Ms.
I had such fun making him, and as you can see, he is fitting right in at his new home.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Now what to make

I am just about finished with my last swap of the year on Ravelry, so, it is time to hunker down and make some Christmas gifts.
I have decided to make some decorative dishcloths for some, a hat (if I can figure out the pattern) for one, scarf for one, and... don't know what else yet.
Here is something I made my spoilee for the Dr. Seuss swap. Since I don't think any of my Rav friends ever look here, it should be safe to post.
I saw a figurine something like this either on ebay or etsy. Since the price was way too high to buy one for my spoilee, I made her, and myself, one.
What do you think?
The Grinch
He is about 8" tall. The original was just on a wooden base, but I added snow and snowballs to mine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HAIER air conditioners are crap

Just to let everyone know, as a service to my friends.
If you are considering buying a Haier Air conditioner (I got mine at Walmart) DON'T. I had mine less than one year (which was actually about 4 months of use) and it stopped cooling. Walmart only has a TWO WEEK return policy, and the Haier company said I would need a repair man. Ok, anyone need a junk air conditioner?

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