Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Joyful house Elf has arrived!

Remember the Elf swap I mentioned in the last post?
Well... I received my Elf today! Her name is Joyful, and she is an House Elf!
She is sooo cute!. I want her to feel welcome in my house, so I will make her some socks this
She came bearing gifts, too! I cannot open the bag yet, as I have to wait until Christmas, but I did get this sweet Elf approved sign, mint chocolate lip balm, ppmint stick (!) and sixlets!
She even has a cool ball for Rebel.. which he loves by the way!
I may get to open the other little red package, but I am not sure yet. We'll see!
But for now, I am enjoying little Joyful so much!
A big thank you goes out to the Friends Crocheting Together and More group and especially CrochetfromChaos for making me this sweet Elf!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Long time no see

Well, it has been a while since I have posted. But, I have not been idle!
I have been swap crafting, so most things couldn't be shown.
I am in a Christmas Elf swap in the Ravelry Group Friends who Crochet and Craft together.
Some things still can't be shown but, my favorite thing I sent 'Mixedkreations'  was this oh so cute
Troll Elf!
His name is Elvin. I made him up as I went, as there were no troll doll patterns that looked like the old ones. I dyed his hair red and green.. roving with koolaid for the red and food coloring for the green. It is hard to see his facial features in the photo, but he does have a nose, brows, and lips. The beard is removable.... just for fun.
I didn't measure him, but he is about 7" I think, not counting the hair. I made her another thing, but you can't see it until later...as she can't open it yet.

I also, made myself this super cute Olaf! Coincidentally, he is from a pattern by.. MixedKreations! Easy to follow and sooooo cute, He is 9" tall.

This little Rudolph is a pattern on Ravelry. I think he is so cute. I get myself a little reindeer of some sort every year, this one I made!

Tatting? Yes, I have done some.  But, for Christmas gifts so you can't see them until later.
Let's just say, they are some of my own patterns, ornaments, and you can guess the rest.

I also made this little Christmas duo... Jack Skellington as Santa and Zero as a Reindeer! They are quite small, so they can sit on a Christmas tree branch or in a small corner on a shelf.
 I made them both up as I went.

They will go to an unsuspecting recipient!

Well,... that is all for now.. more later.. and hopefully sooner....

Friday, July 29, 2016

The rest of the Fair 2016 story...

Ok so, my swap partner received her package and I can now show the 4 other items I won with at the fair!
In order of how they won..
Sweepstakes, Best of Show and 1st!!! went to
Mad Hatteropus!! My spoilee loved octopi and of course the Mad Hatter, so.. he is a little mash-up of them both!

Next came the 1st prize winner...An altered Altoid tin with an Alice in Wonderland theme..
She had 'faved' one on Pinterest, but I made this about the Jabberwocky as she really loves the Jabberwocky.

Here's a closer view

Then the 2nd place winner.. her Steampunk Cheshire Cat with tatting Necklace..
And finally, my favorite.. the Crocheted Cheshire Cat. I loved this guy so much, and I don't even like cats, He won third because the judge didn't like his scary grin. Haha.. well, that scary grin GLOWS IN THE DARK TOO!  My swap partner absolutely loves him though, so it is all good. 

His eyes, nose and grin are made from oven baked clay.

She, theGrinningCat is her online name, loved her package. I am very happy about that, and happy that I could enter so many of her items in the Fair and WIN!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fair Pickup 2016

 I went to pick up my Fair entries yesterday. Here are all the ribbons I won... plus the prize money.. woo hoo!

I have 4 other entries to show you that I can't show yet. I am VERY proud of them. I made them for an Alice in Wonderland swap I am doing, and each one won a ribbon! I think my spoilee will be very happy about that! I will post them as soon as she gets them, 'cos I don't want to spoil her surprise.  The swap is due to arrive around the 1st of next month.... stay tuned for that!
In the meantime..

  Here is the Card I made for the 'special' award.  Sad that it did not win considering the winner just bought little paper things and glued them to a card. (as she did last year too, hmmm) No sour grapes here.. well a couple. haha. I was not happy last year when this happened, not only for myself, but the other entries who had cross stitched and hand strung a whole picture (think about like when they used to put nails in a board and tie strings around the nails until there was a picture in string)...we had all hand crafted our cards and they were very pretty.. but, the store bought paper pieces won. I just don't get that...

Here is the other thing I made for the other 'special" award.  It also didn't win, but the winner is quite cute.
Here's my finshed Bat Box. I added the black glittery base for stability. The top, which includes the bat, pumpkin and black lid with spider web, comes off, and it is a little circular box inside. I love this little guy. He makes me smile. Can't wait to put him out this Halloween!

The mug I hand drew with sharpie then oven bakes. I love it even though the judge barely did.

Antiques I didn't win on. The antiques lady said the judge liked 'different' things. Hmmm
How do you have different things when they specify a category? IDK.. The little dog is adorable with little teensy dots of colored glass. The winner.. was a milk glass duck. hmmm that doesn't seem 'different' to me. Oh well, I do have fun looking for things for  the categories even though I never win.

Here is another non winner antique. So cute. They are my sister's but if they were mine, I'd have my prescription put in them and wear them!

This is my Mr. Fox stole. He is so cute. He is held in place with little earth magnets. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Most of the Fair results! 2016

Went to the Fair to see how my entries did today. I was totally surprised, yet again. Some of the things I am most proud of did not do as well as others.
Funny how that works. Anyway..
In the Tatting Category... Yukon Cornelius got 1st!!

In the Novelty Category... the Angel Mobile got 1st!!
In the  Toy category, my entry got a 3rd, but I can't show it yet as it is a swap gift.
In the Creative category, my entry, which is also a swap gift, got OMG... Sweepstakes, Best of Show and 1st! My swap partner is going to be very happy about that!

In the Fine arts category, my Halloween painted cat got Sweepstakes and 1st! Yeah!
In  the Christmas ornament category... Hermey also won the Sweepstake and 1st! Wow! What a big ribbon for such a little elf!
In other crafts, my Evil Minion won 1st place in flowers
My Bat Box won 1st in Seasonal decorations
A necklace I entered got 2nd, (swap gift) and a recyclable item (swap gift) won 1st!
And my hand drawn mug won 3rd.

My last winning entry was my Mr. Fox Stole. He won 2nd.

The other two of my hand made entries did not win, they were in a special category that you either won, or you lost, no 1st 2nd or 3rd in that one. I did not win, but I am very very very happy with the ones that did!!

I'll post pics of my swap partner's winning items after she receives them, at the end of this month or early next month.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

All ready for the Fair!

I had a little time left, as I have to take my entries tonight, so I finished up another project and found a couple more for the antiques category! haha! I have 19 entries this year... and I didn't even enter a photo. Wow.

Here are a couple more of my entries.  Can't wait to see how they do!

                                                        Tatted Angel Mobile ornament
I saw one like this on Pinterest. I don't know who originally made it, but it was so cute, I made my own version. I think it is cute, too!

Hermey the "Dentist Elf"
I made him to add to my Misfits collection. I have shown him here before, but he wasn't
entered in the Fair last year because I finished him afterward. So, he is going in this year with Yukon Cornelius!
I have some other things to enter, like an old Child's Book,, pair of antique eye glasses, and a hand made card. I'll show them later.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More things for the Fair 2016

Just a few more things I made that I am entering

                                           Halloween Bat Box.. oven clay sculpted bat on a box I made.
I added a wooden base not shown here for more stability. It is round black and Glittered!

                                       Hand drawn Gorey pic on mug.. pic two is the other side.
                                         Baked in the oven to set the sharpie.
Halloween Scene painted on black ceramic cat. 

Knitted Fox Stole. He has magnets to keep him on.

I have more to show, but, some of it is for a swap, and can't be shown until after the swap.
There are some really cool things yet to see!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Misfit for Fair 2016

Here is my newest creation... Yukon Cornelius... from the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer TV show.
Every year I try to make at least one to add to my collection, this year, it is the "Bumble" hunter
Yukon Cornelius!!
Ready to go, he has a pick axe, knife, stone hammer, backpack and bed roll, and a canteen!
Oh, and snow shoes! The last picture shows him next to Rudolph, who I made quite some time ago!
All 3D tatted... he is ready for the Fair!!

Please disregard Rebel's hair on his hat.. haha..

My 3 D Tatting