Monday, July 14, 2014

Fair Results 2014!!

And the results are in!
I went yesterday to check on my 15 entries. Here is the breakdown.
Tatting...  Tatted Doctor Who diorama with TARDIS, K-9, and Dalek.. 1st
                Mini 3D tatted Bunny Slipper Girl Zombie.... 1st
               Get Well card with Tatted Skeleton... none. It was an either win or lose, no extra ribbons.
 Then, in knitting
 Bat socks... none (this really surprised me)
Hocus Pocus  Halloween mittens  3rd
Baby Viking Hat... none
Celtic Bat Shawl..none
Mandrake toy... 3rd
Bat Bag .... 3rd
Sculpted, but in crafty category
Tiger Lily Fairy... 1st
Pumpkin Witch box...2nd
Fine Arts
Hand painted The Walking Dead shoes... 1st
Pet lover's Christmas card ... none
Root Fairy.... 2nd
And last but OH NOT LEAST
Needle felted knitting bat... SWEEPSTAKES AND BLUE!

Ok, so again, things I thought would win didn't, and things I thought would not... did. Funny how the Fair works.
Here are some pics I took at the Fair... under those are better ones from home.  All in all, a pretty good showing.
                                                                          Tatted Zombie girl
                                                  Celtic Bat Shawl... see better photo down below
                                                       Tatted Doctor Who Scene
                                                         Needle felted Bat ornament
                                              Pumpkin Witch box (he is sitting on a cheese box)
                                                  Root Fairy... she is made of all things from nature I will get a
                                                   better photo when I bring her home.
                                              Get Well Tatted Skeleton card. It has a skeleton knitting
                                               a little swatch with a heart, and says.. "Hope your Bones
                                                   Knit soon!"
                                            Bat bag and Viking hat.. I'll get better photos later.
Socks and mittens.. 

                                                        Tiger Lily Fairy
TWD Shoes

My 3 D Tatting