Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fair 2017 Winners...ALL!

As you may know, I enter the county Fair every year. This year being no exception, I entered 17 items... and won a ribbon on each and every one! Wow! I was so surprised! I have never done that before.
So, for your (hopefully) enjoyment.. here are my entries!

This is Hepsibah Hedge Witch. I sculpted her, made her clothes and her asseccories! She is about 11" tall... maybe 12" counting the hat.

3D tatted Cecropia Caterpillar! Some of you saw him at the Lace Day.
3D tatted Sam Snowman from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

3D tatted Rocket Raccoon and baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy!
Pixie... my crocheted Chinese Crested dog. She is almost life sized!
Parakeet on a swing...knitted
Crocheted Lamb coin purse.
Gift in a Jar...Peeps and Jelly bean eggs!

Handpainted Brick Doorstop

Christmas in a teacup

Christmas book collage table decoration

Needlefelted Peacock spider

Handpainted Oval picture
Bumble hat

Booyah mittens The Walking Dead inspired

Niffler necklace (Fantastic Beasts)

Small Floral arrangement

So here are all of my ribbons on display! I was soo happy and lucky to get so many!  So very lucky to get the 3 purple Sweepstakes ribbons! I was only eligible for 5 in total.. so to get three is incredible!

I have already started planning for next year!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lace Day 2017

Had a wonderful time at the Lafayette Lacemaker's Lace Day.
Though the attendance was much smaller than normal, we still had fun!
I arrived early in order to submit my entry in the lace contest. Since we had time, Carol Parry and  I took a walk to the local yarn shop, River Knits.  We both made a few purchases, then returned to the Lace festivities. There were raffles, and I won two during the first round. Mary Harris got very lucky and won TWO $25 gift certificates. Wow!
We chatted, shared stories, Brenda asked me to show her a different way to tat, which I did. She tats the way I used to, throwing the thread around, I showed her the new way I do it, more like a sewing machine working.
Later a few more people showed up. I did some shopping in the vendor's rooms, and had some snacks.
They had the lace contest ...I won second place! Yeah! I didn't expect to win as the other entries were so pretty. I won a $10 prize!
Then, the last of the raffles. I won...6 more! Wow what a haul!
 Had a great day...thanks for the fun times ladies!
Winner of First prize Bobbin Lace Praying mantis
Winner of 2nd place Cecropia Caterpillar
Third Place Butterflies

More pics later!

Here is the lot of my raffle winnings. More closeups later...

My 3 D Tatting