Friday, July 12, 2013

Fair 2013... keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have entered the Fair! I took my 15 entries, (11 crafted, 4 antiques) to the local 4H Fair and put them in the open class competition. I was welcomed by the sweet Knit and Crochet "monitor'. She is always glad to see me, 'cos I always have all the paper work, with the categories, departments and classes filled out before I go. This saves me, and her, a TON of time checking in. I did get a few odd looks for some of my entries.  Well, I did enter a zombie, a giant head, a robot purse... among other things.
It will be interesting to see if I win anything on the 'odd' entries. Will they see the workmanship.. or just the oddness? I will have to wait until Sunday afternoon to see how they did.
I did get a very nice compliment on the baby card I entered. It was to be a "new baby" card. A friend of mine is going to have twins in a few months, so I actually designed the card with her in mind. A boy and a girl... twins. I used Jane Eborall's (thanks Jane!) baby carriage pattern. I made a pink one and a blue one, and some little free hand butterflies. I made up a little phrase to go on it, also.
It turned out very cute, and the lady at the fair seemed to really like it! Another item I entered that got some oohs, was one of the antiques I entered. It is a bank that is a little rocket that shoots coins into a moon. That lady's eyes sort of bugged out when she saw it. I hope that is good news for me! haha.
So, I shall post more when I find out Sunday.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Another Fair entry 2013

I am going to be in a Star Trek swap next month, so I got inspired to make myself a bracelet.
(My spoilee may get one if she likes that sort of thing.)
Here is my beaded Star Trek bracelet. It has the Enterprise, the words Star Trek and the Delta symbol they have on their uniforms.
I am going to put it in the fair next week!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tatted Hummingbird necklace for the Fair

I made this little hummingbird and bleeding heart necklace. I am going to put it into the "Tatting" category in the fair.

 I was going to put something else in that category, and put the necklace in the jewelry category, but I just finished a beaded necklace, so, I am switching things around. It is only 1 week until things have to go to the fair! I need to print out some stuff an get it all ready to go.
By the way.. here is the beaded one. I am doing a Doctor Who swap on Ravelry, and got inspired to do a Dalek necklace. It is all hand beaded...not made on a loom. 

My 3 D Tatting