Monday, November 16, 2015

Newest Misfit... Hermey the Elf!

Here is the newest Misfit from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964)
It is Rudolph's friend Hermey the Elf.. or should I say.. Dentist!
That's why Hermey was a misfit, he was an elf that didn't want to make toys,
he wanted to be a dentist!
Here is 3D Tatted Hermey, with the pliers and the tooth he extracted from the Bumble!
He is about 3 1/2" tall.
My collection of Misfits is getting larger! Who to make next... hmmmmm....

Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween's a coming...

Halloween... my favorite holiday!
I have joined two Halloween swaps. I have been working on them feverishly, and I am finished with one and almost finished with the other.
I have created sculptures for both of my recipients, and also some other items. I can't show them, for fear of wrecking the surprise, but I will post lots of pics after they receive them!
 I always do this, join Halloween swaps, and THEN see a bunch of stuff I want to make for ME for Halloween! haha!
Well, I do have one thing I really want to make. It is a zombie sculpture. I saw one online, like I saw my mummy sculpture online and made me one, so, I will have to make myself a Zeb the Zombie. That's what I think I will call him. I also had an idea for a tatted zombie...hmmmmm
Zombies you say? Well, yes. My favorite show is The Walking Dead, which also just happens to have its yearly premieres in October. Another reason to love October!
Here's a picture of the Zombie I saw online that I want to recreate.
Isn't he cute? Well, maybe not cute, but Halloween appropriate! haha.
Mine will be a little different, but similar. 
I'll post pics as soon as I start working on him.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fair Entry Winners with Ribbons 2015

Here they are! I am so excited to announce... my winning entries for the County Fair!
I entered 20 items, and won on 16 of them! Woo hoo!
Here is a picture of all of them!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

More for Fair

Here is another entry..
Sleeping Fairy with bumble bee.
She is clay, he is needle felted... shhhhhhhh

Saturday, June 27, 2015

King Moonracer... finally some tatting!

Here is the King Moonracer ornament I made to add to my Misfit toys ornament collection! He is going in the Fair as well!!
For those who don't know, he is from the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special that airs every year.
He is king over the Island of Misfit Toys... toys that have flaws and are not suitable for Christmas gifts... or ARE they? ...wink wink

I suppose his 'flaw' is that he has black wings and flies. Seems pretty
awesome to me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some Fair entries... waiting for the Fair

Here are a couple more things I made for the Fair.
This is a Cookie Monster jar topper. I didn't have a pattern... just this idea. I think he turned out great!
The jar will have choc. chip cookie ingredients in it... Gift in a Jar.

These next things are little Minion coin purses. I purchased the pattern from Ravelry. 
They were very easy to make, but I'd suggest putting on all the extras... aka eyes, hair, embems.. before attaching to the purse topper.

I can't decide which one to enter in the Fair. I can only enter one.
I entered the Evil one...heehee..

I am also going to enter this Starry Night in the Tardis necklace... in the jewelry category.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Teacup Tulip Fairy

My newest creation...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Teacup Lily of the Valley Fairy

Here is another item going in the fair! I think she is so cute! I need to tweak her a little, but I really like how she turned out. She is about 8" tall from top of lily to bottom of saucer. I think I may add some little pearls here and there in the grass. She is oven baked clay, wire, & needle felting.
What do you think?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Are you my Mummy?

Ok, so not tatting but... so cute!
I saw one like this on a doll artist's blog, and of course, it was not in my 'budget". (Most things are not)
Sooooo, I made myself one today.. and I love him!
He is made with oven baked clay, wire, paint, polyfil, and cheesecloth.
His eyes and teeth glow in the dark, too!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lace Day 2015

It finally arrived! The day I look forward to every 2 years... Lafayette Lacers' Lace Day!
It was at a new venue this year, and easy to find.
I arrived and was greeted by Sally and given a cute pin, paperclip with tatting on it, a raffle ticket and a contest voting ticket.
I took my Tardis doily and DDLM mask for show and tell. There was no 'official' table, so I just put them on the table where I sat. They got many oohs and ahhs and huh?s.. haha.
Some folks didn't know what Doctor Who was.

Any way, I was secondly greeted by long time Lace Day pal Mary Harris. She was selling raffle tickets of which I purchased! (read on to see what I won!)
It is always so nice to see Mary, in her tatting decorated shirts! Mary was nice enough to give me two patterns she had brought as printouts. One for a snowflake and one for an ink pen with tatting!

There was a contest for covering eggs in lace. Here are the lovely entries.

I chatted with old friends and new, shopped and ate! 
Chris and Charlotte... no, they were not sleep walking...haha.

The lobby, Chris checks out the raffle tables with Charlotte, Dagmar checks out some books, oh, Carol has arrived...

Diane, aka Lace Lovin' Librarian has made the long drive! Always so fun to talk to Diane and see
her lovely doilies!! Here she and her friend Pat are watching a needle tatter (Juliana?) do her thang!
Here is another surprise guest, Marilee Rockley. I had never met her before, she was a sweet lady. She reminded me a lot of my twin BFFs in high school. She had on a gorgeous butterfly necklace and matching earrings. Here she, Diane, and Pat all came together for a great pic!

Making lanyards for charity! Yeah!
Steve... in my mask... silly! He showed me lots of his cool creations on his tablet, very 

Let's discuss Bobbin lace and then make some!

There were a few latecomers, which, I didn't get photos of, also.
Here is what I won(!!) in the raffles. Yep, I won several! Yeah me!
LOVE this bee!!
better view of thread

Yep, I got a haul of books and mags to look at!
I made a few purchases. I was disappointed there was only one vendor with tatting supplies, but, 
I did get some lovelies.
I loved this black and purple! I got all they had.. 3.

Also fell for this raspberry thread! Also got all they  had.. 3

I had a great time hope to be there next time!

Edited to add... here are a couple of more photos taken of me at the event. 
Here are Marilee Rockley and me .. taken by Diane=Lace Lovin' Librarian.

And here is me and my doily... taken by Carol Parry.

And one last time... taken by Marilee=Yarnplayer.

OOOh, that is a whole lot of me pics in one day....haha...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dia De los Muertos ..con murciélago, MASK

I had wanted to make myself one of these since I made one for a swap partner. After I finished the Tardis Doily... I immediately started this to try to finish before Lace Day.
I just finished it last night. I love it! It has a little bat with red bead eyes, purple flowers with green beads, green and white flowers with white and purple beads, red beads in each 'flower' around the eyes, purple glass beads in the edging around the head and a white bead in each ring on the whole thing. It is hard to see the white beads, but every ring has one.
I love it! What do you think?
 BTW, murciélago means bat in Spanish.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Tardis Doily COMPLETE!

Allons-y and Geronimo! I have finished my TARDIS Doily! I love every inch of the 21 inch thing!
I almost freaked out when I ran out of the Dalek filler thread on the LAST part I was doing! I had 3 little chain rows to go... I dug thru my whole stash and finally found JUST enough (I had about a foot left) to finish! Whew!

Close up of Daleks and Seal of Rassilon

Friday, March 27, 2015

Opinions please!

Here is my 'finished' Tardis Doily.
I need opinions!!! Does it look alright as it is? Or, honestly now, do you think I should add something in between the Daleks? Oh, I am going to add 'eyes' to the Daleks too, and perhaps their 'arms', they will be facing forward... looking at you.
But, between? What do you think? too much empty space or ok?
I wet it and laid it out this morning to get a better look.
In case you are wondering..
The Center is the Seal of Rassilon
Then 7 Daleks
Then 9 Tardis
Inbetween the Tardis (Tardi?)  is my representation of the swirly moons from the Van Gogh painting The Starry Night.  My Favorite episode of Doctor Who was the one where he visited Van Gogh.

Monday, February 2, 2015

TWD contest post

What would you give your true love for Valentine's Day during a zombie apocalypse, and why?
A weapon.. to keep him safe!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lace Day 2015 and Doctor Who

I have been working furiously on the Tardis doily. I have it about half finished. All the Tardi are finished.. now working on creating my own doily design for the center.
So many ends to hide... ugh...

 I just found out there is a contest at the Lace Day in Lafayette Indiana..(April 11!)
The theme is 'eggs'...
I have an idea which I think is cool.. We'll see if I can get it done, but I MUST finish the Tardis doily first. I must say, I love the idea I have for the Lace day.. hope I can get it done.
Can't tell you what it is.. it is a secret!!

My 3 D Tatting