Monday, March 9, 2020

New year new projects 2020

Happy 2020.
Yes, it is March...but c'est la vie.
I have had problems with my crafting mojo.
So not a lot to show, yet.
I have not seen the Mandalorian yet, but who could resist the Child?
I made this one from a pattern on Ravelry called "Cute am I" and added some of my own embelishments. Soooo cute!

I just finished this guy...
Declan Fledermaus

I created him to become a Traveling Friend in the crochet group 
Friend's Crocheting Together and More....on Ravelry.
He will journey around the country, maybe overseas, and meet new friends, then return home to me!
He is crocheted and has needlefelting highlights.

                                                                    More to come!

My 3 D Tatting