Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh Christmas tree... 2013

It's up! Well, both of them. Here's the main on in the living room..
We went with blue as a color theme and candy and older ornaments.
Then, there's the tatting tree..
It has tatting from friends, and my own patterns on it.
At the base...
The Misfit toys. Oh, my, I can't find Rudolph! Where is he hiding! Really, I can't find him.
There are some Leps in the tree.. those cheeky little blokes! Connor and Rory... and the baby.
I have to go look for Rudolph!!!

edited to add...
OOOh, I found him!

I also decided to add a couple of more photos of Christmasy tatting..
My Angel
Gingerbread house
Candy Santa and Reindeer and tiny GGB house
Santa and Reindeer

and finally.. my Tatting Rebel ornament..

Two more weeks until Christmas!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

New ornaments for my tree

Hello fellow tatters! I just made this oh-so-simple ornament for my tree. I didn't look up anywhere to see if I used the correct colors,  but I like it anyway! It is
Tatted Ribbon candy!
I think I will make more of these, they are so easy.'
I just block tatted two rows of green about 6" long, then block tatted two rows of red, then two rows of green again. Stiffened it, really stiff, bent it in the appropriate shape, and then ran a little thread thru the middle to hold it in place and use as a hanger. 
You could make all colors, or make it longer  or wider! Your choice!  As an extra fun thing, you could add some peppermint scent to it!

And, though it isn't tatted, what is a Christmas tree without a little knitting bat!
She is needle felted, has a pink batty nose, two little knitting needles and her yarn!
Now, tatters, don't get upset, I already have a tatting bat I made a couple of years ago, so I made the knitting one for this year.
I also started working on a new additon to my Misfit toys collection. But, you will have to wait to see who it is! It may take a bit, so be patient.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let it snow...

I made a bunch of snowflakes to go on the Christmas tree for a certain person I know.  Tatted snowflakes are cool on a tree. Then, I had the bright idea of doing this..

I went to the $1 store and got a package of plastic snowflakes (3@$1) and tied them all to it to make a
snowflake mobile! I think I will make myself one next!
Coincidentally... it snowed last night.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back to tatting

Ok, so, I have been doing a ton of Halloween swaps lately.  I'll show them on my knitting blog, but, I did recently finish (in 3 days or less) a new addition to my Haunted House. It is
                      Bunny Slipper Girl from the Walking Dead! 
Here she is in her new home.

The Walking Dead is my favorite show, and I wanted it represented in my Haunted house.  I really love her little teeny bunny slippers!

I also, in a fit of "OOOH I WANT THAT' bought Martha Ess'es new book, Flights of Fantasy! I cannot wait to start on the beautiful fantasy creatures in it!
I am also making some tatting for a swap partner for Christmas! I can't say what yet, but she will be really happy!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

OMG! What was I thinking!! Swap a paloosa!

 I have just added some swap eye candy to my doggoneknit site. Have a look.

But, as you may know if you read my blogs.. I love Halloween.  So, when the opportunity came about to be in a Halloween swap, I jumped at it.... um 4 times. Yeah, I am crazy.
Luckily, one was a small swap, with a small budget and small requirements. (though, I did go over the required items a bit). And, only two at a time overlap, so, that is helpful, too.  And when I shop for one, I can shop for them all at the same time. Well, all but one, as it starts soon, and I don't have my partner yet. All of these swaps are on
I am in the Tiny Owl Knits Hootin' Halloween mini swap.. it is only a month long and the small budget. It is finished except for something I ordered which had to be re-ordered because they sent the wrong color. It ends Oct 15th, so.. it is almost over.
I am also in the Halloween Vampire Swap.  It is coming along great, I think she will be pleased with her items. This one ends Oct. 19th.. I have a couple of weeks left to craft for this.
I am also in the Creatures of the Night swap.  I have not gotten my partner yet, but soon! It ends at the end of Nov. so, I have lots of time there.
I was also contacted by ChrisFixedKitty, and asked if I wanted to do a small "Creatures" swap with her while doing the big one. I said yes. WHAT? am I nuts. No, I just love Halloween. I have never been in a Halloween swap on Ravelry, per se, so I guess I am going a little overboard this year! haha. (I did receive a Halloween themed "holiday' swap once...a couple of years ago, but I didn't send out a Halloween package.)
This one, we decided, should be mailed by Oct. 25, so we could both have our packages by Halloween. I don't understand why the "Creatures" one ends in Nov. but.. oh well!
   I also signed up for a Christmas swap. The Tiny Owl Knits group is having a TOKmas swap.  I have received my partner, and have been making plans. The package must arrive before Dec 15 (so I have time), and we are all (well as many as can do) meet up on the internet at the same time to open our gifts! It will be and internet Christmas, well TOKmas, party. This should be fun. I have never been in a Christmas swap, either!  I will post pictures of what I make and what I receive on my doggoneknit blog page.
Well, I had better stop writing and get to crafting! I have a lot to do!!!!!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fair Results 2013!!

I am finally posting my county Fair Results! I entered 11 crafts, and here is what happened

The local hospital sponsors 'special' awards for three categories. One, is making either a New Baby card or a Get Well card. I chose baby. I used Jane Eborall's baby carriage motif, in pink and blue, and I won the sweepstakes prize! Thanks for the great pattern Jane!
I also won Sweepstakes and 1st prize in the shawl category with my Chinese Dragon Shawl.
The pattern is in an Interweave Crochet magazine. 
I won 1st prize for my Tatted Hummingbird necklace!! YAY!

1st place for my 3D tatted Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ornament. He is part of my Misfit Toys collection.                             
I didn't win any 2nd place ribbons. But, I did win 3rd place on my Bunny Slipper Girl Zombie doll! (she was a character from The Walking Dead TV show)
 I was really happy she won. I made her because of a group I am in on Ravelry. We have a different Bunny Slipper Girl doll that we send around, member to member, and take photo diaries of her visit. I wanted my own, and I made this one. This picture is part of the photo diary I posted in that group.
I also won 3rd place on my Dalek (from Doctor Who) crocheted purse
 And, I also won third on my knitted (and my own pattern!) Max Love the Grinch mittens.
 I was very very happy with  my fair wins this year. Though, evidently the judges didn't like my beading (how are the edges supposed to be perfectly even when beads are not uniform in size?).
I didn't enter any photos this year as my computer was broken, and it would have been a pain to try to find good photos in my records. But, maybe next year!



Friday, July 12, 2013

Fair 2013... keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have entered the Fair! I took my 15 entries, (11 crafted, 4 antiques) to the local 4H Fair and put them in the open class competition. I was welcomed by the sweet Knit and Crochet "monitor'. She is always glad to see me, 'cos I always have all the paper work, with the categories, departments and classes filled out before I go. This saves me, and her, a TON of time checking in. I did get a few odd looks for some of my entries.  Well, I did enter a zombie, a giant head, a robot purse... among other things.
It will be interesting to see if I win anything on the 'odd' entries. Will they see the workmanship.. or just the oddness? I will have to wait until Sunday afternoon to see how they did.
I did get a very nice compliment on the baby card I entered. It was to be a "new baby" card. A friend of mine is going to have twins in a few months, so I actually designed the card with her in mind. A boy and a girl... twins. I used Jane Eborall's (thanks Jane!) baby carriage pattern. I made a pink one and a blue one, and some little free hand butterflies. I made up a little phrase to go on it, also.
It turned out very cute, and the lady at the fair seemed to really like it! Another item I entered that got some oohs, was one of the antiques I entered. It is a bank that is a little rocket that shoots coins into a moon. That lady's eyes sort of bugged out when she saw it. I hope that is good news for me! haha.
So, I shall post more when I find out Sunday.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Another Fair entry 2013

I am going to be in a Star Trek swap next month, so I got inspired to make myself a bracelet.
(My spoilee may get one if she likes that sort of thing.)
Here is my beaded Star Trek bracelet. It has the Enterprise, the words Star Trek and the Delta symbol they have on their uniforms.
I am going to put it in the fair next week!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tatted Hummingbird necklace for the Fair

I made this little hummingbird and bleeding heart necklace. I am going to put it into the "Tatting" category in the fair.

 I was going to put something else in that category, and put the necklace in the jewelry category, but I just finished a beaded necklace, so, I am switching things around. It is only 1 week until things have to go to the fair! I need to print out some stuff an get it all ready to go.
By the way.. here is the beaded one. I am doing a Doctor Who swap on Ravelry, and got inspired to do a Dalek necklace. It is all hand beaded...not made on a loom. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Opinions needed

I am contemplating entering something in the fair. She is called Bunny Slipper Girl. She is a zombie of a little girl.
 For those who don't know, I am a big fan of The Walking Dead. I am in a group on Ravelry, where we watch the show, discuss it, and, yes, create characters from the show. This little BSG as we call her, was the first zombie/walker we ever saw on the show. She is quite iconic to the show.
But here is the question, do you think she is too scary, creepy, weird... etc? for the fair? I KNOW there are The Walking Dead fans in my county, but, not sure they visit the 4H building to see these entries.  Please let me know, even if it is just to click the little tabs below this post. (love for yes, blah for no)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Its getting to be that time again..FAIR TIME!

To be clear, the County Fair isn't until July, but, this year, I am not waiting until the last minute to get ready!
I am going to enter my Chinese Dragon shawl (seen on my knitting/crochet blog) but, oh my, I don't have much tatting! THERE MUST BE TATTING IN THE FAIR!
Ok, whew, I am ok now.  The reason I don't have much tatting is that I have been doing a lot of swaps this year, and giving away stuff. And now that it is warm out, I have been doing outdoorsy things, too. The 'big' 3D project will most likely not be finished in time, so I am turning my time turner to these projects.
I have an ornament I tatted, a variation on Ginny Weather's spider on the ball ornament, and I am almost finished with another addition to my "Misfit Toys". Technically, it is not a toy, it is Rudolph, but misfit he is. I just have to finish a leg, and then I can show you. (spoiler.. he is SO cute!)
There is also a card making category. I have entered in the past and won a couple of times. I can either make a get well card or a new baby card. Watch here to see which I make!
I am planning on making a necklace of some sort, but it is still in the recesses of my brain. I don't know if I will make anything else tatted, we shall see. I do want to knit a pair of mittens to enter in the knitting category, so we'll see how the time table works out. And photos. I always enter photos.
I had better get busy! Only 9 weeks to go!
Ok.. I just got Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer finished. He's about 4" tall. cute huh?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Look what the mailma'am brought!

As you may recall, I tatted a Grandfather Clock for Diane C..aka LaceLovinLibrarian. I just wanted to give her something I tatted, as I knew she would appreciate it. Well, today in the mail, she sent me a thank you gift. WHAT?? I really was not expecting anything in return! And what did she send me, you ask?. Looky!
I had admired (and tried to win) one of these Origami project bags at the recent Lace day. I did not win one, but Diane did.  She sent me this awesome bag,  a lovely card, and a shuttle she blinged out especially for me!
The bag is so clever, with little pockets on the outside, and look closer at the lining fabric..
...the fabric has tatted doilies printed on it! Isn't that awesome! I love this fabric!
And now for the cool...
I couldn't get a great picture to show how very cool this is, but it is totally glittery, with pretty blue stones and a glittery big "C" on it for my name! I love it!
Thanks so much Diane! I will treasure them!
And, as a side note, I am making nice progress on my 3D project. I had to redo a window, oh, is that a hint?, but everything is on track again. Looking good!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

New 3D project 2013... On my mind

I believe I have decided on my newest tatted project, or, should I say daunting task? Haha.
I had thought about this project a while back, and during the recent Lace Day it was mentioned, among other suggestions, and got me to thinking of it again.  I had a very slow night last night, and sat down with pen and paper... and the more I sketched, the more excited I became about it. So, I shall start today.  Am I going to say what it is? Nope. You will have to come back and see! (or better yet, make guesses)
 I will take photos, of course, throughout the process. I have most of the components straight in my mind... it is only the platform, (or floor, or ground if you will) that hasn't come to me yet. As each of my dioramas are on a 'floor' of some kind, so that they may be transported easily and it also adds to the diorama itself.
I haven't done one is quite a while, but, as this one has firmly taken hold in my brain, I guess it is time to make it.  Wish me luck on my new adventure!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Well, folks, the two long years have passed, and I have gotten to attend another Lafayette Lacer's
Lace Day! I so look forward to this, I wish they would have them every year!
I arrived and signed in and was immediately greeted by my old pal Mary Harris. She spent part of the day knitting some adorable little baby hats that look like cupcakes! So cute. And isn't her shirt cool! It is covered in tatted motifs!
We also shared the table with Steve Bowman, who was working on a netted hanky, and his student.
 I shopped, I talked, I had a great time. I took my 3D tatted bat family and my Haunted House for show and tell. Oh, also a 2D Dalek I had just created the night before. All were perused and oohed and ahhed over. I was waiting on the arrival of my friends, Diane (LaceLovinLibrarian), and Denise. They were coming from Illinois!  They arrived and I was very glad to see them again. I presented Diane with this little Grandfather Clock I had made for her. In a previous post, I had asked what sort of thing other tatters would want to see in tatting, hoping she would answer, as she has gifted me some great things in the past. She was very surprised, and pleased, when I told her she got to keep this clock!
More shopping, talking, and laughing insued. I did miss my friend, Laura. I don't know why she didn't show up, but just know, Laura, you were missed!!
I won one of the raffles, a pretty box, and Mary won 5! Wow! She gave me a candle from one of the raffles she won! Denise won a great package of threads, and the center piece from our table, and Diane won a lovely origami bag full of tatting stuff. I LOVED the fabric it was made of. It had printed tatted doilies on it! She told me the fabric came from a local retailer, so, I went there right after the get together, and they had it! Um, yes, I may have bought two yards...:-)

Here are some photos of folks who attended. Sorry I don't know all the names, but some are listed. If you are here .. tell me your name! If you don't want your picture here, tell me that, too, and I will remove it.
Brenda... and Sheila Caplinger
Diana Stevens
Judy Sexton and friends
and a somewhat panoramic view
I don't know how I missed getting a picture of Diane and Denise!  My bad!! Guess I was having too much fun! Sorry, girls!
And here are some examples of the crafting going on. Again, somehow I missed taking a picture of the BEAUTIFUL flowers that were entered in the flower contest.
Here are the things I bought. Not a lot, if you look at what others bought (wow) but things I wanted and will use very soon!
The tractor is a new pattern by Tamie Allis. I believe it is her first, and she was so proud of it, as well she should be!
I got a couple of new shuttles, threads, puppy snips (so cute), new socks with tatting shuttles on them, and a new t-shirt!
As we started to leave, I had mentioned earlier that I had lots of troubles with one of my handmade shuttles. Denise went to the car and gave me this. She said it would make it much easier to use. She also gave me these buttons.
                                                                So sweet. Thanks again Denise!
I must say, I had a great time, and can't wait until the next Lace Day!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

A little inspiration from friends

I was going thru all of my blogger friends posts yesterday, and I got an inspiration. On one of the blogs was a photo, from another site (thanks Trayna), of the most awesome doilies from a Russian tatter's page. Now, I don't usually do doilies, maybe one a year if that, but these were so beautiful.  One was a dragon in a circle of his own fire, another a mash up of a lot of butterflies and flowers. So, I got the idea for a new doily for me... what else, a bat.  I am working on it now, and so far, I like it. I don't know how long it will take, or how it will turn out, I guess we will all just have to wait to see.

PS.. if anyone knows where I can get the pattern for the dragon doily, please let me know!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mostly knitting, but..

Hi All! I have been doing some swaps lately and doing mostly knitting and crochet. But, I shall start some tatting projects soon! Promise!
In the mean time, if you aren't easily scared, go visit my other blog, dog-gone knit, and see what I have been giving and receiving in my Knitting Dead swap. (Knitting Dead group is a Ravelry group of folks who love The Walking Dead tv show) Also, be advised, there is a Zombie doll I created over there and she is SCARY! She is for a little contest we in the Knitting Dead group are having. So, if you are brave... go look!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

What would you want?

I have been doing a lot of knitting swaps lately, so I was thinking I should be doing some more tatting. I was also thinking, since I am the only one I know of who 3D tats.. perhaps some of my tatting friends would like something 3D made by me. So...
If you are reading this, put a comment as to what kind of 3D thing you would like. For instance, your favorite animal or insect, tv personality, cartoon character, or perhaps a little something you collect, like oh, I don't know, teapots?(my Mom collects those) And feel free to mention more than one thing. I may not be able to make one of your items, so the more you mention, the more likely you are to receive.
You never know, I may make something for you.. but you must comment!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year new tatting adventures

I just realized, this is the year where typically, there is a Lace Day in Lafayette! I LOVE  to go to these. It is my only chance to meet up with real live tatters in person! I have met some great people there, and had lots of fun.
Here is a question to any and all who attend. There is a 'show and tell' table. 
Is there anything I have made that you would like to see in person? Last time, I took my Bella Luna tatted bat. I could bring her again, along with her brood, as I know one lady wanted to touch it, was afraid it was a 'no touch zone" and didn't. I told her, later of course you could have touched it. I am a toucher, I expected she would be touched.
So, to get back to the question. I don't believe I have taken my tatted haunted house yet.
 Any interest in that?  And I will be wearing my Chinese dragon shawl, so, no problem there, it will be attending.
Any requests?
And, please, if anyone sees the info on the Lace Day before me, please let me know!

My 3 D Tatting