Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of May... working on Fair items and Prison Swap

Whew, it has been a while since I posted! I have been working on a swap recently, and also working on items for the Fair coming in July.  Well, the swap is finished, and OH I was so fantastically spoiled it isn't even funny!! Here is the main item I was sent...
It is ridiculous how much I love this coat! I have seen some like it on Etsy, and they are REALLY expensive, but, my swap partner, jabbaslavegirl, MADE this one for me! It is made all from recycled sweaters! It is so much fun to wear, I can't wait until it is colder so I can wear it always! Here is a shot of the back... see the very long hood? so fun!
oh this is not all she sent me! Heavens the items I received!
I am crazy happy with everything!
I will post later the gifts I made for my swap partner... mydamsel.
And tell more about the fair items!!

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