Friday, August 2, 2013

Fair Results 2013!!

I am finally posting my county Fair Results! I entered 11 crafts, and here is what happened

The local hospital sponsors 'special' awards for three categories. One, is making either a New Baby card or a Get Well card. I chose baby. I used Jane Eborall's baby carriage motif, in pink and blue, and I won the sweepstakes prize! Thanks for the great pattern Jane!
I also won Sweepstakes and 1st prize in the shawl category with my Chinese Dragon Shawl.
The pattern is in an Interweave Crochet magazine. 
I won 1st prize for my Tatted Hummingbird necklace!! YAY!

1st place for my 3D tatted Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ornament. He is part of my Misfit Toys collection.                             
I didn't win any 2nd place ribbons. But, I did win 3rd place on my Bunny Slipper Girl Zombie doll! (she was a character from The Walking Dead TV show)
 I was really happy she won. I made her because of a group I am in on Ravelry. We have a different Bunny Slipper Girl doll that we send around, member to member, and take photo diaries of her visit. I wanted my own, and I made this one. This picture is part of the photo diary I posted in that group.
I also won 3rd place on my Dalek (from Doctor Who) crocheted purse
 And, I also won third on my knitted (and my own pattern!) Max Love the Grinch mittens.
 I was very very happy with  my fair wins this year. Though, evidently the judges didn't like my beading (how are the edges supposed to be perfectly even when beads are not uniform in size?).
I didn't enter any photos this year as my computer was broken, and it would have been a pain to try to find good photos in my records. But, maybe next year!



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