Friday, August 19, 2011

Battatter's Boots

First, let me thank my sister for buying me these! I fell in love with them, and they were 'really' pricey. She had already given me money for helping her with a chore, .. but also gave me the rest of the $$ to make up the difference in the boot price. She said, you have to have those.
The perfect boot for the Battatter...
And since they are in men's sizes.. they fit great! I am doing a happy dance in my bat boots!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

State Fair fun

Went to the State Fair with my two BFFs and we had a great time. It was a beautiful sunny day, but cool, about 80 degrees. Breezy. I hadn't entered anything in the fair as it is very pricy. But I did see the winners. I was surprised and happy that a gal from my hometown, Jan Mullens, won 1st prize with her beautiful cross stitch. Way to go Jan!
I told my friends I was going to eat whatever I wanted... they thought I might get sick! haha.
I had fried veggies, (so good) a deep fried twinkie, (also good, but needed better batter) London broil, yum, cherry limeade,(yuck. I love cherry limeade but this had hardly any flavor, boo) Another cherry lime slushy, ok, I also had strawberry shortcake. I bought, but did not eat there,... choc. praline fudge for me and pumpkin for my sister, honey straws, candied pecans, cotton candy. We pet goats, horses, sheep, saw the cows,.. elephants for elephant ride. I took Bellaluna to show to Mary, the lady who tats in the pioneer days building. She isn't online, and I think has limited access to patterns, so mostly does doilies, crosses and such. She was a little scared by Bella, but very interested in her.We had a nice chat. My friends and I had a long but fun day.

My 3 D Tatting