Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back to tatting

Ok, so, I have been doing a ton of Halloween swaps lately.  I'll show them on my knitting blog, but, I did recently finish (in 3 days or less) a new addition to my Haunted House. It is
                      Bunny Slipper Girl from the Walking Dead! 
Here she is in her new home.

The Walking Dead is my favorite show, and I wanted it represented in my Haunted house.  I really love her little teeny bunny slippers!

I also, in a fit of "OOOH I WANT THAT' bought Martha Ess'es new book, Flights of Fantasy! I cannot wait to start on the beautiful fantasy creatures in it!
I am also making some tatting for a swap partner for Christmas! I can't say what yet, but she will be really happy!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

OMG! What was I thinking!! Swap a paloosa!

 I have just added some swap eye candy to my doggoneknit site. Have a look.

But, as you may know if you read my blogs.. I love Halloween.  So, when the opportunity came about to be in a Halloween swap, I jumped at it.... um 4 times. Yeah, I am crazy.
Luckily, one was a small swap, with a small budget and small requirements. (though, I did go over the required items a bit). And, only two at a time overlap, so, that is helpful, too.  And when I shop for one, I can shop for them all at the same time. Well, all but one, as it starts soon, and I don't have my partner yet. All of these swaps are on
I am in the Tiny Owl Knits Hootin' Halloween mini swap.. it is only a month long and the small budget. It is finished except for something I ordered which had to be re-ordered because they sent the wrong color. It ends Oct 15th, so.. it is almost over.
I am also in the Halloween Vampire Swap.  It is coming along great, I think she will be pleased with her items. This one ends Oct. 19th.. I have a couple of weeks left to craft for this.
I am also in the Creatures of the Night swap.  I have not gotten my partner yet, but soon! It ends at the end of Nov. so, I have lots of time there.
I was also contacted by ChrisFixedKitty, and asked if I wanted to do a small "Creatures" swap with her while doing the big one. I said yes. WHAT? am I nuts. No, I just love Halloween. I have never been in a Halloween swap on Ravelry, per se, so I guess I am going a little overboard this year! haha. (I did receive a Halloween themed "holiday' swap once...a couple of years ago, but I didn't send out a Halloween package.)
This one, we decided, should be mailed by Oct. 25, so we could both have our packages by Halloween. I don't understand why the "Creatures" one ends in Nov. but.. oh well!
   I also signed up for a Christmas swap. The Tiny Owl Knits group is having a TOKmas swap.  I have received my partner, and have been making plans. The package must arrive before Dec 15 (so I have time), and we are all (well as many as can do) meet up on the internet at the same time to open our gifts! It will be and internet Christmas, well TOKmas, party. This should be fun. I have never been in a Christmas swap, either!  I will post pictures of what I make and what I receive on my doggoneknit blog page.
Well, I had better stop writing and get to crafting! I have a lot to do!!!!!!!

My 3 D Tatting