Saturday, October 31, 2009

......................Happy Halloween everyone!

yep, today is Halloween. My favorited holiday. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but there isn't the stress of 'what do I get so and so"  and the tons of people running around looking for gifts. It is just a dress up, and have fun kinda day! I am posting some pictures of some of my decor this year.
This is the scene you see as you walk into my hallway. I painted the dancing witches, which are from an vintage Halloween card, on some cardboard, made the gigantic frame, (4ft!) and hung it up. The small pictures are Halloween re-dos of old family photos. The red bat is filet tatted, and the faux fire place is plastic. I am thinking of actually painting one onto the wall, as there isn't room for a real one.

This is my couch with one of my witch's hats on it. Also, my Halloween quilt, and pillows. I found the owl pillow at the good will! There is also knitting on the couch, which became my brain hat.

This is my front door. I put bat napkins in the background of the window, and hung this great wire and glass witch in it. Got her on sale after Halloween last year at Hobby Lobby!
Hope you liked my small tour, of course there is lots more, but don't want to bore anyone! Have a great Halloween everybody!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

....................Halloween Exchange has arrived!!

Hail and wellmet everyone! I have received my Halloween Exchange items from Sherry Townsend today! And me being me.. I openned it of course! Check out these photos (Sherry took them)...
First you see the fantabulous pin Sherry made for me. Just look at all the little details, you know I love it, especially the little bat charm and button.  The wickedly neat black tatted flowers add a bit of spook to it. It is so Halloweeny, I am going to put it on my witch hat on Halloween!

And speaking of bats.. check out the purse she made me! Whoa! The outside is purple, and surrounding the purple is a really cool bat encrusted tule! I love how she made the fluff at the top with the tule. And, hmmm it is a drawstring bag, and when I openned it.. wow.. it had a bunch of Lizbeth threads in it. Oh, so many lovely colors, what am I going to make with it all? I don't know yet, but I will have fun thinking things up. And.. the purse is lined in this beautfully scary red bat fabric with lightning bolts on it. Very cool.  I am going to use the purse as my witch purse on Halloween also, to keep my witchy, twitchy, stitchy, itchy items in!
We will have to wait to see if Sherry likes what I sent her. Her being her, she will not open it until Halloween day, although she has had it for a while now. She is very strict about this, but dang her, I want to see if she likes it. Oh, Sherry, live dangerously! heehee
Thanks again Sherry!!!
Tomorrow or the next day, I will post some pictures of my Halloween decor around the house. Stay tuned...

Monday, October 19, 2009

.................. Owl sighting on my knitting blog

if you want to see some owl knitting... check out my knitting blog!
dog-gone knit

oh, and I will be posting a photo of the 'thing' I made for Sherry in our Halloween exchange, soon. I am mailing it tomorrow, so she should get it in a very few days. After that, I will post.

'Til then... here are a couple of photos I re-created of  old photos of my Mom, her sister, and my sister (the baby)... and the 4 men in the family, at the time, it was left to right, my brother, his son, my Grandpa, and my Dad.  I did the whole family as witches and warlocks and put them in frames for Halloween!

Sunday, October 11, 2009 stuff on my knitting blog

yeah, just that..though one is crocheted...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

.................... Halloween and Animal exchanges

I am currently in two exchanges. One, a Halloween exchange with Sherry Townsend, as we both LOVE Halloween! I have just finished making her a ............oh, I can't say, she may be watching!  heehee.
The other exchange is a Favorite Animal exchange on Ravelry. I can't knit well enough to make her what I really want to make her, so, I am sending her the pattern. I am making other forms, not knitted, of her animal. So, I have no pictures to show of my work lately. I am also currently selling my Halloween and Christmas collections of patterns on ebay. Just type in Halloween tatting and you should find it.  Here is my Wicked Witch of West Barner.... just to show you a photo on this post.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

........................moving the knitting

Hi all!
Well, I started a separate blog for my knitting. It is called dog-gone knit! You can find a link to it on the sidebar thingy. I HAVE to start doing some tatting for Halloween, and promised myself to start October 1.. well, that is today. So, I am off to go tat! Bye for now, but please check out my knit blog for a new post.

My 3 D Tatting