Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ok, so, I have had these knitting needles for YEARS, and never learned. So, I decided this week, I would try to learn. I found a site which had videos showing how to do the stitches. I then had to find a pattern, so I found this site called ravelry.

WOW, it is FILLED with gorgeous knitted things, and tons of patterns. The first thing that caught my eyes was a dishcloth. I know, sounds boring, but, there are LOTS of them with different designs on them. MANY of things I like, like Halloween things, Sci fi, Bees, butterflies... oh lots more. I think I downloaded 20 patterns even before I knew if I could make them. Well, here is my first try. It is supposed to be a big bat in a moon, and 3 little bats. Well, I learned after making my 3rd(!) one that I was using the wrong type of thread! Well, here is my second try, leaving out the small bats. And finally, being the weirdo I am, I had to make up my own pattern.( yes, I just learned, and have made up my own pattern!) Ravelry won't let you show your tatted projects, so I made a "tat" dishcloth! I lightened the pattern on my computer so you could see it better. I love it. Plus, I made a Jack Russell pattern, too, for Rebel! Ravelry only had a very few dog patterns and none that looked anything like him. I am currently knitting it, and I just made a Star Trek pattern this morning.... Oh, no! I might be becoming obsessed! It will probably be YEARS before I learn to do anything really neat, like the cable stitches and the oh, so cool socks I found on there, called Lothlorien, but at least I have a start.


Stephanie said...

For being a beginner, you do a mighty fine job!

Ravelry is like heaven on earth for knitters and crocheters. I am totally addicted to that site and can spend hours and hours just looking at stuff! There's even a few tatting forums over there.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love to knit! I'm so glad you were able to get the help you needed. My favorite book is Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan Book... lots of squares, new techniques... great for dishcloths if you don't want to make an afghan! Have fun!

battatter said...

Thanks Steph, I KNOW, RIGHT? I can't stop looking at the patterns!!
I haven't seen the tatting forums, I will have to look.
Diane, thanks for the book suggestion. I will have to check it out. I was thinking I could make an afghan by connecting a bunch of the dishcloths, for a 'theme' afghan. Do people do that? Well, I will... heeehee

Valerie said...

oh i love the dish cloth with the tatting shuttle! nice!

battatter said...

Thanks Valerie! It was my first design in knitting!! I have made 3 more designs now... and haven't even knitted them yet. I am soooooo sloooooooow at it!

JB said...

Your dishcloth looks great.
Yes, I enjoy ravelry too. There are some wonderful tatters on there too.

battatter said...

Thanks, JB, I couldn't believe it turned out so well. Add me as a friend on ravelry if you want.

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