Thursday, October 1, 2009

........................moving the knitting

Hi all!
Well, I started a separate blog for my knitting. It is called dog-gone knit! You can find a link to it on the sidebar thingy. I HAVE to start doing some tatting for Halloween, and promised myself to start October 1.. well, that is today. So, I am off to go tat! Bye for now, but please check out my knit blog for a new post.


TatForFun said...

Hi there Battatter.
Found your blog after Carol Lawecki mention something about your 3D Santa. And I think you've done an awesome job on all your 3D tatting. Love it. But it's looked difficult to make, for me ^_^

battatter said...

Hi TatForFun,
Thank you. It is pretty easy for me. There is no real pattern, so I just sit and tat a person or whatever, while watching tv...!

My 3 D Tatting