Sunday, December 20, 2009

.......................Secret Santa and some Christmas tatting

Yippee! I have received my Secret Santa gift! I got it yesterday, but I was gone most of the day and didn't get it until late last night. There isn't much in the way of clues, except it is from Pennsylvania!.There were cute little labels with candlesticks on them and a handwritten Hohoho Secret Santa on the outside!
 When I got it, of course the little leps wanted to open it right away. We opened the packing paper and inside was this big shoe box... and oh ho!...look at what all was inside! There was a Christmas stocking with, one of  my favorite things, a polar bear on it and two envelopes, one saying Merry Christmas and the other, Do not open until December 25! Conor and Rory and I were so excited!! They immediately jumped into the box, and showed me that the stocking was full of wrapped presents, too!! There was also another larger present that wouldn't fit into the stocking. Oh, how they (and me too) wanted to open everything, but, since we only have to wait a few days, we will abide by the Secret Santa's wishes and wait to open them on Christmas!  I can hardly wait... but I will.

It is funny the Secret Santa put candle sticks on the package. That is the ornament I have tatted for friends and family this year. Although it is a different candlestick. I got the image from Claudia's  site, but she didn't remember where the original pattern was from. I just loved it, and made it for my annual tatted Christmas gift.  Here is a photo of 3 of them.

Thanks Secret Santa... I will be talking to you in about 5 days!!!

Oh and as of Monday, I got my Christmas exchange box from Sherry Townsend! Yeah!

Here it is under the tree.. only 4 days to go!!


Unknown said...

YAY! Let's hear if for Secret Santa!!! Your candlesticks are cute!

battatter said...

YEah, I agree!!
And thanks!!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Wow have hit the Jack Pot this year. I love your Polar Bear Stocking. I want one...LOL. I have two packages under my Hershey Ornament tree. Actually I have three. Two from you and one from my Secret Santa who is from the state of Wa. I wonder who it could be. Who lives in the state of Wa. besides Bina. Or does Bina live in Cal. This to me what if fun about Secret Santa Packages. You have NO idea who they are from or what is in them. I love the guessing and the inticipation that is why I am always good and DO NOT open my Christmas packages from my fellow lacers until everything is over on Christmas Day and I can take a sigh of relief since Christmas Dinner is here and family comes here which means I will have one busy day...wait lets make it two busy days since I have baking to do the day before Christmas.

Tatskool said...

That looks so exciting, no wonder the leps wanted to open it all.

battatter said...

Sherry, I know, right? That Polar bear is so cute.. I have no idea where it came from, I haven't seen one like it. I have those packages, and I just got your box in the mail today! Yeah! I am so glad I don't have to wait much longer to open them all! I am more excited about the Secret Santa and your package than I am about what my family has probably gotten me..shhhh... don't tell them. But, they never get me any tatting related or crafty things, so that is why I think.

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