Saturday, August 14, 2010

Indiana State Fair 2010

I recently went to our state fair with my best friend and her husband. I didn't enter anything (as it is tooooo pricey to enter), and how I do wish I could have entered Bellaluna! 
 I met a lovely lady named Mary Rinker, who was demonstrating tatting! She isn't online, but we had a nice long chat and I encouraged her to come join us online tatters. She told me not many people knows she tats, even her pastor was surprised when he saw her demonstrating at the fair! Here she is showing someone the basics, and here is her display.
There was one display case of tatted items that were entered. Here they are...and in many cases, you can read the names of the exhibitors...Congratulations ladies!!
here's a close up of the pattern for that bag.. for those of you interested.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I know nothing about fairs, so I was really surprised to read that there's a fee to enter your tatting! Do they give cash prizes? I always though they only gave ribbons. As much as I like hearing and reading words of praise for my handwork, I think I'd rather save my money for more tatting supplies! Can you see me pinching my pennies? : )

Seriously, these are some awesome examples of tatting. I hope the lady you met demonstrating does join us online. I love reading about everyone's tatting adventures!

IsDihara said...

Thanks for sharing views of the tatting from your state fair! The laces are impressive (each and every one). Glad I got to see.

Quayceetatter said...

Thanks for the inspiration for next year! Our little county fair is no charge to enter (or fees for attending) and you get ribbons plus$. I got $15.50 for 9 blues,7reds and 2 whites. The bigger the project you are likly to receive a blue. I like the snowflakes, great idea.
Linda NM

Ginny W said...

Here in NY State you have to pay only 6 dollars to enter items in the fair, and in return you get a free ticket worth 10 dollars to get in one day. And when you get ribbons you also get money back from each ribbon. This year i didnt enter anything in the fair i missed the deadline so i will enter next year.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Bellaluna should have attended the fair with you. She would have been a sensation. Thanks for sharing all the lovely tatted pieces and for letting us meet Mary.

battatter said...

In our county fair, it is free to enter, and the ribbons= $$
Sweeps 10
Judges 10
Best in show 15
blue 3
red 2
white 1
The state fair, it costs $30 to enter, and you can enter up to 5? things in different categories.. but since I pretty much only tat, I could only enter 1 thing.Plus you get a ticket to visit one time.(Which, I got in for $2 this year)So, you could see how the fee isn't cost efficient for me. They do have $ prizes.. but, there are SO many entries.. I would have a tough time winning anything. Especially enough to cover the entry fee.

Isa said...

Very interesting! I love the works! Very delicate and to much love in those pretty works.
My best regards
Isa in south of Scania

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