Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dolcè and Bella hangin' out

Here is a picture of the girls 'hangin' out'.  I started to make Dolcè her own perch, but then had this thought that she would look cool hanging out on some birchwood. Well, I don't happen to have a birch tree. So, until I can figure out where to get a little birch branch for her, she is hanging out with her Mom.
This is where she will be permanently after the Fair, but I really want a birch branch for her Fair perch. I guess I will have to peruse the park and neighborhoods to try to find one.
Hmmmm I just noticed there is another little branch here that is empty.....perhaps a little brother is in Dolcè's future?
Ok, I am editing this to say, I will probably make the little brother. He would be chocolate brown, and, as I have not had one yet, I would have a naming contest. BUT, don't start suggesting yet! It will begin AFTER he is finished, whenever that may be. But, you can choose whether it will be a random winner, or the person who first suggests the name I like the best. (which may be the name I have already thought of).
Ok, you can leave a comment on which option you would prefer if you entered.


Marty said...

The look wonderful together. The little brother is going to have to be purple to match "Flyte" though. :) Good luck finding your birch branch!

battatter said...

Thanks Marty. I was thinking a little chocolate brown brother.. and a contest for naming him. I would choose the first person to suggest the name I was thinking of, or just a random pick. Depends on what people would want.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love the idea of a chocolate brown brother! I guess you'll have to wait and see how you'll choose the winner of the name drawing. My first choice would be to give the prize to the person who thought of the same name as you. However, you might find a name among the entries that you like even better. I don't think I'd go with a random pick... you might end up with a name you really don't like!

Green Gal said...

I am still so jealous of your skill in making these two. As I have absolutely no skill in naming I think a random draw. No I'm joking I would suggest that the prize goes to the name that you like best, even if that is not: -the name that you eventually use
-a name that you think of.

JB said...

They are becoming an adorable family. Yep, definitely needs a little brother.

Ridgewoman said...

I’d go with the name you liked best; and, if by chance it was the name you had in mind ~ much the better.
A baby brown bat bro sounds really tempting. He will be quite handsome, I know.
xx bj

battatter said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies! I have some nice chocolate brown thread, and while cleaning my stash, found some yummy chocolate brown beads, too! I really can't think of a name I like at all, so, the contest will more than likely be the name I like the best from the ones submitted.
Stay tuned to find out when to submit.

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