Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year new tatting adventures

I just realized, this is the year where typically, there is a Lace Day in Lafayette! I LOVE  to go to these. It is my only chance to meet up with real live tatters in person! I have met some great people there, and had lots of fun.
Here is a question to any and all who attend. There is a 'show and tell' table. 
Is there anything I have made that you would like to see in person? Last time, I took my Bella Luna tatted bat. I could bring her again, along with her brood, as I know one lady wanted to touch it, was afraid it was a 'no touch zone" and didn't. I told her, later of course you could have touched it. I am a toucher, I expected she would be touched.
So, to get back to the question. I don't believe I have taken my tatted haunted house yet.
 Any interest in that?  And I will be wearing my Chinese dragon shawl, so, no problem there, it will be attending.
Any requests?
And, please, if anyone sees the info on the Lace Day before me, please let me know!


Lelia said...

here is a link to the Lafayette Lacemaker's blog.

and, here is a link to the Lace Day blog + information.

I remember your awesome tatting from the last lace day + I also recall you winning the jar of fibers!!!

Always, L.

battatter said...

thanks Leila! Now I have it on my calendar!

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