Saturday, May 25, 2013

Opinions needed

I am contemplating entering something in the fair. She is called Bunny Slipper Girl. She is a zombie of a little girl.
 For those who don't know, I am a big fan of The Walking Dead. I am in a group on Ravelry, where we watch the show, discuss it, and, yes, create characters from the show. This little BSG as we call her, was the first zombie/walker we ever saw on the show. She is quite iconic to the show.
But here is the question, do you think she is too scary, creepy, weird... etc? for the fair? I KNOW there are The Walking Dead fans in my county, but, not sure they visit the 4H building to see these entries.  Please let me know, even if it is just to click the little tabs below this post. (love for yes, blah for no)


Martha said...

It's all up to what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to win ribbons, this may be going out on a limb. If you want to make a statement,"here is this wildly creative, original thing I'm proud of", then go for it. Haven't you won some ribbons for some out-of-the-ordinary things before? Youd could get lucky.

Anyway, looove the bunny slippers.

Maureen said...

While I am in awe of your talent with creating 3-D tatting, and I do enjoy your bats and gingerbread house - this is just too gory for me.
But, as you say, the people who recognise the piece for what it is - ( and I have never heard of the Walking Dead, is it the name of a Rock Band?) -will appreciate it.
As Martha says, though - will the judges share that opinion? - and entering something in a Fair is primarily to win a ribbon.....

Ginny W said...

I say why not enter, They judge on how well she is made and i think she looks just fine to be entered.

battatter said...

Thanks for the input ladies.
Martha, I have won for some oddities before, that's the thought I had.

Maureen, The Walking Dead is a TV show on AMC.(on hiatus now) Though it has zombies, it is really about the relationships of the survivors and how they must cope with a new changed world.

Ginny, I will take her to be entered, if the 'handlers' decide she is too creepy, then C'est la vie!

** jess! ** said...

I love you! But then, I'm a big TWD fan as well. I would think that since TWD has the "largest audience ever" that there is a good chance that you run into some fans there.
Granted, surely,you will find some that won't understand it but I'm also sure that there will be people like me that love it and some that are interested because they know someone else that would love it. :o)
Plus, Zombies are "in" right now anyway so I think this would be a wonderfully clever item to display or enter into a fair. :o)

** jess! ** said...

hahaha, I meant I love it! I'm sure I'd love you to if I met you though. :o)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm not into zombies, but she is cute in a creepy sort of way. I say go ahead and enter her. She's sure to start some conversations!

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