Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tardis Doily

My Tardis doily inspired by one I saw on Etsy, is coming along. Here are my results so far.
One door completed

Three doors completed
More windows and panels!! 

Work in progress.
I am trying to keep account of how much time it takes me in actual tatting time. I tat while I watch TV in the evening, so I don't feel like I am sitting idly by doing nothing.
The windows and panels took about 12 hours. Putting together one door... about 2 hours. So, the doors will take me 18 hours. Of course, this didn't count hiding the ends. OH MAN.. do I have ends to hide!!!
I am using DMC size 8 thread... and my trusty pony shuttle.
I have plans on making the center look like the Seal of Rassilon, but that could be complicated, we shall see.
I am thinking perhaps Weeping Angels to go in between the Tardi..but that is a maybe too, for now.

Now that I have figured out the Tardis pattern, I am thinking it would be nice to use in other ways. Maybe one as a coaster, applique, several in a straight row for a long doily...many possibilities.


tattrldy said...

Great job, but it looks like a big one. I have a nephew that is quite the Whovian, I keep thinking I should make him a Tardis bookmark or something.

battatter said...

Yes,, It is going to be big. Not quite sure HOW big yet though.
Oh, yes, the bookmark is a good idea. Or you could make it and stiffen it and use it for a Christmas ornament.

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