Monday, July 20, 2015

Fair Entry Winners with Ribbons 2015

Here they are! I am so excited to announce... my winning entries for the County Fair!
I entered 20 items, and won on 16 of them! Woo hoo!
Here is a picture of all of them!


Adrian said...

Fantastic result!

I can read the first, second and third on the blue, red and white ribbons, but what does the purple one say?

Kathy Niklewicz said...

CONGRATULATIONS on another great Fair result!!!

I think they know by now that they have to order extra ribbons for all your entries! I'm wondering how many visitors know that most of these items are tatted! Or even if some tatters are aware of the many techniques that are on display. It appears you did enter both minions! I like the necklace with the interlocking rings, too.

So glad they honored your fabulous Tardis doily! A very unusual and original work of art!

Loved seeing the cute Lion with his blue ribbon! I'm a little curious about the item to the immediate left of the wonderful display of the ribbons!

I don't know how you can keep 'topping' yourself year after year. P.S. I enjoyed seeing your photos in a prior post of your meeting with Diane and Marilee.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

How exciting! Some day I will enter a fair just so that I can say I did. I would be so excited if something of mine ever won a ribbon, but to win multiple ribbons... you must be over the moon!

battatter said...

Thanks, Adrian... the purple one is a Sweepstakes ribbon. That means it won over all the entries in that category!

battatter said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Kathy! Though I reverse engineered parts of the TARDIS doily, I am quite proud of it! The little item you wondered about is a vintage hole punch. I entered it in the antiques category. I have NEVER one in the antiques section, and I had just got this punch in a huge box from an auction! haha.. It is strange I can't find it anywhere online to discover its age. I even tried looking up the patent number.. no luck.

battatter said...

Diane, thanks, yes I am over the moon! You SHOULD enter one of your gorgeous doilies in your fair! I am sure you would win!! Next time go for it! And be sure to check all the categories because, as you can see, I have entered my tatting in several... not just the tatting category. I could also have entered it in the crafts, if I had had more finished to enter!

Jane McLellan said...

Wow, well done, my heartiest congratulations!!

Crazy Mom! said...

Wow - and best in category too! You are great!!!

Susanne said...

Congratulations - awesome work.

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