Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lace Day 2015

It finally arrived! The day I look forward to every 2 years... Lafayette Lacers' Lace Day!
It was at a new venue this year, and easy to find.
I arrived and was greeted by Sally and given a cute pin, paperclip with tatting on it, a raffle ticket and a contest voting ticket.
I took my Tardis doily and DDLM mask for show and tell. There was no 'official' table, so I just put them on the table where I sat. They got many oohs and ahhs and huh?s.. haha.
Some folks didn't know what Doctor Who was.

Any way, I was secondly greeted by long time Lace Day pal Mary Harris. She was selling raffle tickets of which I purchased! (read on to see what I won!)
It is always so nice to see Mary, in her tatting decorated shirts! Mary was nice enough to give me two patterns she had brought as printouts. One for a snowflake and one for an ink pen with tatting!

There was a contest for covering eggs in lace. Here are the lovely entries.

I chatted with old friends and new, shopped and ate! 
Chris and Charlotte... no, they were not sleep walking...haha.

The lobby, Chris checks out the raffle tables with Charlotte, Dagmar checks out some books, oh, Carol has arrived...

Diane, aka Lace Lovin' Librarian has made the long drive! Always so fun to talk to Diane and see
her lovely doilies!! Here she and her friend Pat are watching a needle tatter (Juliana?) do her thang!
Here is another surprise guest, Marilee Rockley. I had never met her before, she was a sweet lady. She reminded me a lot of my twin BFFs in high school. She had on a gorgeous butterfly necklace and matching earrings. Here she, Diane, and Pat all came together for a great pic!

Making lanyards for charity! Yeah!
Steve... in my mask... silly! He showed me lots of his cool creations on his tablet, very 

Let's discuss Bobbin lace and then make some!

There were a few latecomers, which, I didn't get photos of, also.
Here is what I won(!!) in the raffles. Yep, I won several! Yeah me!
LOVE this bee!!
better view of thread

Yep, I got a haul of books and mags to look at!
I made a few purchases. I was disappointed there was only one vendor with tatting supplies, but, 
I did get some lovelies.
I loved this black and purple! I got all they had.. 3.

Also fell for this raspberry thread! Also got all they  had.. 3

I had a great time hope to be there next time!

Edited to add... here are a couple of more photos taken of me at the event. 
Here are Marilee Rockley and me .. taken by Diane=Lace Lovin' Librarian.

And here is me and my doily... taken by Carol Parry.

And one last time... taken by Marilee=Yarnplayer.

OOOh, that is a whole lot of me pics in one day....haha...


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Pat and I had a great time! It was so nice to catch up with everyone. I believe Pat may have caught the needle tatting bug. Maybe the next time we meet she'll have some of her own tatting to show off!

battatter said...

I had a really nice time also.
I didn't see you leave, but you won a prize. Did you get it?

battatter said...

And Diane, feel free to swipe the pics of you and Pat for your blog if you like!

tattrldy said...

Thanks for sharing your day. You have the most pictures of those I've seen blog about it. Really makes me wish I could go. I'll just have enjoy it through all of you.

battatter said...

Thanks, tattrldy.. I do like to take photos!
This is the only Lace event I can attend, and it is only every 2 years, so I really enjoy it when it is here!

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