Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fair Pickup 2016

 I went to pick up my Fair entries yesterday. Here are all the ribbons I won... plus the prize money.. woo hoo!

I have 4 other entries to show you that I can't show yet. I am VERY proud of them. I made them for an Alice in Wonderland swap I am doing, and each one won a ribbon! I think my spoilee will be very happy about that! I will post them as soon as she gets them, 'cos I don't want to spoil her surprise.  The swap is due to arrive around the 1st of next month.... stay tuned for that!
In the meantime..

  Here is the Card I made for the 'special' award.  Sad that it did not win considering the winner just bought little paper things and glued them to a card. (as she did last year too, hmmm) No sour grapes here.. well a couple. haha. I was not happy last year when this happened, not only for myself, but the other entries who had cross stitched and hand strung a whole picture (think about like when they used to put nails in a board and tie strings around the nails until there was a picture in string)...we had all hand crafted our cards and they were very pretty.. but, the store bought paper pieces won. I just don't get that...

Here is the other thing I made for the other 'special" award.  It also didn't win, but the winner is quite cute.
Here's my finshed Bat Box. I added the black glittery base for stability. The top, which includes the bat, pumpkin and black lid with spider web, comes off, and it is a little circular box inside. I love this little guy. He makes me smile. Can't wait to put him out this Halloween!

The mug I hand drew with sharpie then oven bakes. I love it even though the judge barely did.

Antiques I didn't win on. The antiques lady said the judge liked 'different' things. Hmmm
How do you have different things when they specify a category? IDK.. The little dog is adorable with little teensy dots of colored glass. The winner.. was a milk glass duck. hmmm that doesn't seem 'different' to me. Oh well, I do have fun looking for things for  the categories even though I never win.

Here is another non winner antique. So cute. They are my sister's but if they were mine, I'd have my prescription put in them and wear them!

This is my Mr. Fox stole. He is so cute. He is held in place with little earth magnets. 


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Congratulations! You must be so pumped up!

Jane McLellan said...

Wow, you did so well! Yes, sometimes the judges are puzzling. I also think the judges' opinions shouldn't come into it so much, there should be more objectivity. But you have huge successes to celebrate, so we won't dwell on that!

God's Kid said...

Congratulations on all those winnings!!! :)

* Patty * said...

Oooh I truly think some of the judges have no brains at all!

I used to watch some of those older shows where they would judge handmade or antiques, etc and omgoodness the ones some would pick out as best class or ohh I don't know what they were now were just unreal. Their picks were absolutely horrendous, I mean just awful! I really think some were biased and knew who entered what and automatically picked those no matter what it was, good, bad or indifferent they still always seemed to win.

And like on the older TV movies or shows like Andy Griffith, when Aunt Bea would enter a pie or jam etc and not win and hers was better then her so called friends. And come to find out the judge was the winner's bro-in-law or some relative so of course she'd always win, til Andy the Sheriff figgered out what was going on every time and put a stop to it. Haha

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