Saturday, January 6, 2018

Welcome 2018

Well... 2017 was not the best year... so let's welcome 2018 with all the promise it can hold!

I have decided not to do so many swaps this year, so I can make myself some awesome things I have been wanting!
So far.. I am off to a pretty good start!
I have finished Parseltongue.. a Harry Potter themed hat with little cables that look like snakes!

I have also finished Candy Cane Moonsookas.

These are both patterns available on Ravelry. 
The hat was quite challenging... lots of cables!
The boots.. pretty easy really. I had the idea I wanted elfish type booties to wear around the house.. and then thought of these! Moonkoosas are always shown made in one color. If you make them in one solid color, you can make them in just a couple of days! Mine took three...with all the color changing I had to do. I love the funky fringe on them.  They are felted after knitting.. so, very soft and warm. I will add a sole as soon as I can find either white or red flip flops for cheap.
Next up on my list...
Zombie Mittens. This pattern was gifted to me. They are fair isle stranded mittens.. so,  they will take a bit more time. I estimate a week, but we will see.

Here is a list of the things I want to make this no particular order...
Parseltongue hat 1/1/18 (began 12/29/2017)
Candy Striped Moonkoosas  1/1/18 -1/3/18
Circulate ... a beaded Dalek cowl
Hedwig shawl…shawl with stranded owl
Zombie mittens
Sculpture Dragon...big amigurumi dragon
Walking Dead zombie slippers  
pink elephant ornament 
tatted Misfit toy….Santa or Elf
tatted Jack Skellington
Wonder Woman Shawl
Grinch socks
Chewbacca mittens

Started last year…hope to also finish
dragon scarf
bat toy
Creepy skull shawl

Haha.. I know, pretty big list for me. But, I am working on it!


Jane Eborall said...

I guess you're a bit of a Harry Potter fan!!!!!!! Sounds a huge amount of work but such fun too. Looking forward to seeing them all as you finish them.

Jane McLellan said...

You’re going to be busy! Enjoy.

battatter said...

Haha..yes, Jane...a BIG Harry Potter fan!
I made the hat for a swap...the first time I tried it...and had to start over several times. This hat...I breezed right thru!

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