Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fair results 2018....woohoo!

I went to check on my Fair results today. I went at the normal time, and by this, I mean the same time it has been for 18 years, and the building was not open! I waited a bit, then decided to leave, when I saw an old friend who also works at the Fair, and she told me they had changed the 2hours later! Ugh! Why did they not tell us? She also told me I was going to be very happy. (she had seen the results), I said, good, I had 22 entries, she said, OH, I was just talking about one! haha.
So, home again, then back two hours was so worth the wait.
The first item I saw of mine...had won the Sweepstakes ribbon! So, yes, happy right off the bat. But, there was so much more happiness to come! As I walked around, I was more and more surprised by my good fortune. So, here are all of the results!

Army the baby Armadillo(toy)…Judges choice +1st
Carver…drunken punkin(Seasonal)Sweepstakes +1st
Old Timey Santa (Xmas decor)…Sweeps + 1st
tatted peacock (creative embellished) Sweeps + 1st
Mini painting…turtle…Sweepstakes + 1st
bee dog…Sweeps+1st ..antique
 Misfit Santa (ornament)… 1st 

Jack Skellington (tat) ….1st

Sir Didymus (crafts)…1st 

 Nightshade Fairy  1 st
Gift in Jar-cactus garden…1st

fox purse…1st
Altoid tin-Monster book(recycled)…1st
Dobby potholder (household)….2nd 

Monster book cover (novelty)…2nd 

flamingo|peacock (recycle)  2nd
pig ashtray…2nd antique

 Parseltongue (hat)…..third

Jabberwocky necklace (jewelry)…3rd 

Prudential thimble…3rd 

elves needlebook…none 

plastic toy Santa flute…none 

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